What is the National Drink of Portugal?

The national drink of Portugal is Licor Beirao. It is sold in over forty countries worldwide. Licor Beirao has been produced since 1929 at a distillery in Portugal.

While we know some of its ingredients and that it is 22% alcohol, the actual recipe is top-secret.

Licor Beirao is an herbal liqueur made up of a variety of herbs, botanicals, and spices. This beverage may be served neat, in a cocktail, or in coffee.

Its taste has been compared to J├Ągermeister and English Pimm’s.

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Some history about Licor Beirao

Licor Beirao

During the nineteenth century, Licor Beirao was used as a stomach remedy. As the story tells, a Port wine salesman was passing through Louisa, when he fell in love with a pharmacist.

The salesman and the pharmacist were soon married. Together they sold natural liqueurs in addition to pharmaceuticals to aid in combating illness.

In 1929, Congress was held in the Beirao region, and this liqueur was baptized in honor of the event. During World War II, however, the Licor Beirao factory began to experience difficulties.

Then, in 1940, the owner sold the business to Jose Carranca Redondo. This man was in his twenties and was a factory worker who had money invested in this liqueur.

The same family has owned this company ever since.

Is Licor Beirao a smooth or bitter drink?

Licor Beirao is a smooth, sweet drink, and its known ingredients are eucalyptus, cinnamon, rosemary, lavender, aniseed, and mint.

Sometimes Licor Beirao may have a slightly bitter taste, but it always offers a smooth drinking experience.

How popular is Licor Beirao in Portugal?

How Popular Is Licor Beirao In Portugal

They don’t call Licor Beirao the national drink of Portugal without reason. Licor Beirao is the most consumed drink in Portugal. You can find this popular drink in every bar, cafe, coffee shop, and club.

More popular even than Port wine, which is another delicious Portuguese alcohol beverage.

Although sold in over forty countries worldwide, Licor Beirao has not acquired much global attention. It remains prevalent primarily in its home country of Portugal.

How many varieties of aromatic seeds, herbs, and spices make up Licor Beirao?

There are a variety of thirteen seeds, herbs, and spices utilized in the making of Licor Beirao. A process known as double-distilling is used to make this aromatic beverage.

The herbs and botanicals are then blended with alcohol. This process creates the distinct flavor Licor Beirao is known for.

What flavor is Licor Beirao?

Licor Beirao has a unique flavor of mint, cardamom, eucalyptus, and lavender. Additionally, it has a clear, golden-amber hue. Its unique coloring is due to the double-distillation process.

This drink is served best on the rocks (ice), with a twist of lemon or lime.

In Portugal, you can also find Licor Beirao as a popular flavor of ice cream. Licor Beirao leaves behind a minty aftertaste with a spicy finish.

This beverage ensures a great taste and aroma along with its yellow/amber hues. It is similar to J├Ągermeister, only with a much smoother taste.

Its slightly bitter taste is the result of its alcohol volume of 22 percent.

How to drink Licor Beirao

You might drink Licor Beirao neat, on the rocks, in a cocktail, or in coffee. To drink it on the rocks, simply place a wedge of lime into the glass. If you wish to make a cocktail, follow these simple steps:

  • Add ice and 40 ML of lemon or lime juice
  • Pour over 60 ML of Licor Beirao
  • Shake your drink for ten seconds
  • Top it off with lime

What are some recipes using Licor Beirao?

The most popular cocktail to make with Licor Beirao is Caipirao. First, cut a lime in quarters and place them in a glass. Crush the limes, extracting their juicy goodness. Be sure to add plenty of crushed ice.

Another great recipe using Licor Beirao is Licor Beirao with Orange. You will need 14 to 16 tablespoons of orange juice for this recipe.

Pour the orange juice into a glass and add 6 tablespoons of Licor Beirao. Garnish with an orange, and season with mint. Blend the cocktail together. The result is a simple yet tasty drink.

How does Licor Beirao get its name?

In 1929, the concoction was entered into a contest in which it received an award. It is named after the region in which the contest was based.

Initially intended as a remedy for an upset stomach during the 1800s, it aided gastrointestinal issues.

Not all of the ingredients of Licor Beirao are native to Portugal. You will find that many of the ingredients are native to India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Turkey, and other countries.

Does Licor Beirao make a good gift?

Yes, Licor Beirao makes a wonderful gift. If you are visiting Portugal, your family members might expect you to bring back a sweet Port wine.

Surprise your loved ones with Licor Beirao instead. Portugal’s most widely consumed drink is not as well-known in the United States. Bring it home for your family and friends to try.

If you are thinking of buying Licor Beirao as a gift, then you should know the price of Licor Beirao. Licor Beirao ranges from $11.00 to $14.00 a bottle.

If you purchase Licor Beirao, make sure to store it upright in a cool, dry location. Remember, keep this drink out of direct sunlight!


Portugal is a country that has many unique ports and wines. Often, visitors overlook Licor Beirao. Because of this, many are surprised when they discover what the national drink of Portugal is.

If you choose to consume Licor Beirao, do so responsibly. This delicious drink, which is native to Portugal, can also be found in the United States although it is not as popular.

You may find yourself bringing home Licor Beirao as a souvenir from Portugal instead of a bottle of traditional Port wine. Licor Beirao can be consumed in a variety of ways.

It can be poured over ice cream, in a cocktail, neat, or on the rocks. No matter how you decide to drink Licor Beirao, you are in for a treat.