What Types of Orchids Are Used for Corsages?

There is no corsage more coveted than the orchid corsage, which can retail for as high as $100 apiece or more. They are a corsage to be treasured forever, as the orchid is a flower that when preserved properly, will serve as a lovely souvenir of an important event in your life. The most common … Read more

How Many Different Types of Orchids are There?

Orchids are stunningly beautiful and are one of the easiest flowering houseplants to care for. This is likely what makes them one of the most popular flowering plants in the world. There are 51 types of orchids in the world and each one has slightly different care requirements and origins. All types of orchids are … Read more

The 10 Types of Palm Trees in California

Mention California to anyone, and they will immediately think of palm trees. Palm trees have become an iconic symbol of California’s vast desert landscape, making it a quintessential paradise for many. Although palm trees can also be found in Florida and Texas, California is considered a tropical oasis for palm trees and is home to … Read more

The 20 Different Types of Palm Trees

Humans have been cultivating and admiring palm trees for thousands of years. Researchers have traced the oldest palm trees back to areas of Southeast Asia (including some islands in the South Pacific), India, and portions of Northern Africa. But despite everything that palm trees have in common as far as origin and growing conditions are … Read more

15 Different Types of Animals That Live in Rivers

With more than 100,000 plant and animal species, rivers abound with wildlife. Even fish living in these freshwater habitats include hundreds of species. The Mississippi River in the US alone boasts more than one hundred species of fish. That being said, fish are far from being the only animals living in rivers. Animals ranging from … Read more

The 7 Main Types of Structures

Structures have been around since the beginning of mankind when hunters and gathers began to settle down in tents and similar shelter-like structures.  As time went on, other structures were formed to assist with daily activities like bridges to create easier passage and aqueducts to supply water at a quicker rate.  By the time the … Read more

The 8 Different Types of Bears

Bears are mammals and are classed in the zoological family Ursidae. There are currently only eight species of bears existing in the world today. Bears are widely distributed around the globe and can be found on all continents except Antarctica, Africa, and Australia. The 8 different types of bears are the American Black Bear, the … Read more