The 10 Best Soccer Players in the World

Some of the top 10 best soccer players of this generation now have to reinvent themselves. The current pandemic puts more pressure on players who have to deal with playing in front of empty stadiums and all of the motivation needed to become better truly has to come from within. Some of these players used to be number 1, such as the case of Lionel Messi. Things always change in the beautiful sport of soccer.

Soccer is still a team sport. But some of the teams the following players play for tend to get all the trophies. To become a really good soccer player, all of those listed below had to confirm their international results as well.

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10. Eden Hazard

Image: Wikimedia / Кирилл Венедиктов

We’ve seen constituent games of Hazard even when he was in London playing for Chelsea. Great passing and flair in finding free space made his left flank attempts in the memory of many soccer fans.

The player’s move to Real Madrid only seems like the confirmation soccer experts needed. It represents one of the most powerful teams where he has to convince again, this time aiming for a new European trophy. If he won Europa League with Chelsea, he’s expected to lead Zidane’s team to the UEFA Champions League title.

9. Matthijs de Ligt

Image: Wikimedia / ОЛЕГ БАТРАК

De Ligt was another player that confirmed expectations even before moving to one of the first-tier soccer teams in Europe. We’ve seen his performance at Ajax and with the right technique and athletic skills learned at this Dutch soccer factory, De Ligt eventually joined Ronaldo to create a leading team in Turin. It remains to be seen how Juventus is going to benefit from these top players on a continental level.

8. Kylian Mbappé

Image: Wikimedia / Кирилл Венедиктов

Kylian is one of the youngest soccer players to confirm at the highest level, the FIFA World Cup. After thrilling seasons played in the French capital, the PSG player seems to become stronger and stronger. His technique and athletic abilities put him high on our list and some say he also has the highest potential for improvement among all others. But we’ll have to see him win the UEFA Champions League to take it a step further if that’s even possible after his World Cup performance.

7. Mohamed Salah

As one of the most consistent soccer players in Liverpool’s history, Salah was dropped into action with 2 Champions League Finals. He has pushed Liverpool himself a few times and he’s also been named as the second-best African Player. But the Egyptian maintains a low profile in his personal life which often makes us forget just how good of a player he is.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo

From his debut at Sporting Lisbon, Ronaldo has been on a rollercoaster. He’s dominated Portugal to move to North England where you disappear as a soccer player or when you become a diamond in the rough. Forged by the lands of coal and maritime domination, he emerged as a star at Manchester United. He then moved to Real Madrid where he has the one to hold the flag up high against the classic rivalry with FC Barcelona. Now, Ronaldo is living his Italian dream at Juventus at what seems to be one of the last seasons of his playing career that made so many young people get into the sport.

5. Lionel Messi

The little Argentinian player’s life changed when he moved to Catalonia. He made history for Barcelona and he won it all. Spanish league titles, Spanish cup titles, FIFA Ballon D’or, and UEFA Champions League. Some type of performance is still missing for Messi with Argentina, but it’s never too late for such a raw talent.

4. Robert Lewandowski

Without a doubt, Lewandowski is one of the most consistent players at Bayern Munich. He is a true goal scorer and his performance has been seen across the continent. The player gets higher marks for his match performance than most others on this list but he lacks the national team results that would truly make him a top 3 soccer player in the world.

3. Virgil van Dijk

Image: Wikimedia / Ailura

Aiming to win the Champions League, Liverpool needed a player that had to be there on every ball, light a beacon in the defensive compartment. The tall Dutch player started at teams with lower expectations in the UK, such as Celtic. He later moved to Southampton before joining Liverpool on Anfield Road. His performance was spectacular and he was the first player never to have lost a ball in an entire soccer season.

2. Sadio Mané

Image: Wikimedia / Steindy

The Southampton route also proved the victory route for Sadip Mane. The player was named the best in Africa and his consistent performance as well as his Champions League crown make him the soccer person to follow. He joined Metz initially in Europe on the French route from Senegal. He then moved to Red Bull Salzburg before heading over to the UK from the Austrian Alps. Since joining Liverpool in 2016, Mane seems to have been feeling right at home with the world-class team and some of the best teammates for great balls nearly every game

1. Erling Haaland

Image: Wikimedia / Werner100359

The Red Bull Salzburg route was also the victory route for Erling Haaland. The Norwegian is only 20 and many already see him as the best striker in soccer. His performances are superb as are his athletic abilities.

The tall forward was the scene of multiple rumors and what many have seen as a bloodbath nightmare fight between clubs in 2020 when Salzburg put him on the transfer list. Real Madrid was on the line as was Juventus. Everybody seemed shocked when he signed with Borussia Dortmund but he now seems to have found an even better place.

His success at Norway’s national soccer team also makes him the player most likely to impress in the following couple of years in the world of soccer. He is the best top scorer in UCL with 10 goals in the 2019-2020 seasons.