The 10 Biggest Canadian Zoos

If you’re visiting Canada, you can see some of the most impressive zoos in a natural habitat. While the country doesn’t have a large number of zoos, it does host the Toronto Zoo, one of the most beautiful in the world. Canada also has a large selection of smaller zoos that you can visit with your family.

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10. Elmvale Jungle Zoo

These small zoos in Springwater are one that enjoys fast growth. Initially started as a family zoo back in 1972, it is now one of the largest in the region. Its biggest drawback is that it’s only opened seasonally when the weather is good. But you can always check their website for updates on opening months.

Initially a small zoo, this location now has more than 300 animals. Most of these animals are birds from Canada and Africa. But lately, it is also the home of majestic tigers and lemurs.

9. Indian River Reptile Zoo

The Indian River Reptile Zoo is a new establishment as it was first opened in 2009. However, it is one of the few large reptile zoos in the entire country. The Indian River Reptile Zoo has over 200 species of reptiles and it represents one of the leading locations for these prehistoric-like animals where your kids can see them in high variety.

8. Riverview Park & Zoo

The Peterborough Zoo is made for families. It also features an excellent park and it can be one of the destinations to consider when you want to plan a day outside the house. It comes with picnic shelters for you and your family. There’s even a small train that can take you around the park here. If you want to get on an organized tour, you need to check their dates on the official website as spots tend to fill quickly.

7. Rockwood Park

Rockwood Park is not technically a zoo. But it’s still one of the best places in Canada to see and feed all types of animals. As the largest urban park in the country, Rockwood Park is home to a variety of birds and animals. Deer are popular here as kids try to feed them. But it is an excellent location to view birds such as the woodpecker in its natural habitat.

6. Granby Zoo

Granby Zoo is one of the oldest in Canada. It was established back in 1953 and it’s now the home of hundreds of species of animals from around the world. It represents a strong zoo with a high capacity to handle and attract tourists. It used to attract more than half a million people per year before the Covid-19 pandemic.

5. Greater Vancouver Zoo

This large zoo was established in the late ‘60s. It’s the type of place where you need to go if you want to see some of the largest exotic animals in the country. It has a total surface of over 120 acres, which makes it an excellent habitat for all types of animals. There are all types of animals you can see here and most represent a combination of endangered and non-endangered species. non-endangered species at the Greater Vancouver Zoo include zebras. Endangered species found here include aoudads or the black and white lemur.

4. British Colombia Wildlife Natural Park

Not many countries have an excellent natural location such as the British Colombia Wildlife Natural Park. This is one of the best locations to see true Canadian animals such as bears, wolves, and wild hogs. The discovery center here is one of the best in the country. The gift shop at the British Colombia Wildlife Natural Park Discovery Center is an excellent place to get a souvenir for any animal lover.

3. Assiniboine Park Zoo

This large zoo is excellent when explored on a membership plan as most users can’t visit it in a single day. It features distinct tropical animal areas as well as a separate area for Asian animals. You can see real tigers here alongside the Arabian Camel or the Domestic Yak. The snow leopard and the Amur tiger are also found at this zoo.

Given the zoo also has an activity park, it can be one of the top locations to consider when interested in the best outdoor experience. You can watch an outdoor movie here in the summer. But during the winter, the park turns into a major skiing and skating attraction.

2. Calgary Zoo

As one of the most beautiful and largest zoos in the country, it has plenty to offer from hundreds of animals to snacking locations. You can get to the zoo on all types of tickets and weekly passes. Once here, you can see animals such as penguins, lemurs, hippos, amur tigers, and lions. Gift shops here are also some of the best in the world. If your kids love animals, you can surely find a plush animal toy for them here.

1. Toronto Zoo

Spread over nearly 300 hectares, the Toronto Zoo is the largest and most popular zoo in the country. It gets almost 1.5 million visitors per year given its location in such a large urban area. This zoo drives innovation and it is one of the best in the world when it comes to having its programs to drive income.

This zoo runs the famous innovative Terra Lumina. This nighttime walk is among the best when it comes to nighttime projections which are shown right on the zoo’s walls and trees. They feature animals in their natural habitat and it can be one of the best unique experiences to learn more about animals.

But the biggest reason to visit this zoo is its proximity and easy access from Toronto. Since the city has an international airport, the zoo can also benefit from international visits as there are daily flights from all over the world coming here.