The 10 Biggest Cities in the United States

The top 10 biggest cities in the US have a combined population of over 25 million people. They are the home of people from all around the world and they are true economic capitals in their regions or even in the country. Based on their population, these are the biggest cities in the United States.

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1. New York

With a population of 8.3 million people, New York is the largest city in the US. It’s also one of the largest cities in the world. It’s often believed to be the cultural and financial center of the entire world. The city is known for its distinct colonial architecture as well as for its modern architecture with its skyline being added to postcards from around the world.

The financial influence of New York in the world is still strong. It has been recently named as the best place for capital investment and the financial district of Wall Street helps its maintain its ranks. Over $60 billion are generated each year by tourists visiting New York, most of which come from neighboring Canada or the United Kingdom. Tourists can enjoy world-class attractions within city limits and food from diverse backgrounds as over 3 million New York residents are born outside the country.

2. Los Angeles

With a population that has reached 3.9 million, Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the country. Its Mediterranean climate is among its characteristics, together with the Hollywood movie industry. Paramount Studios is one of the largest movie sets in the world and it’s situated within Los Angeles limits.

The city has multiple attractions and beaches that are the go-to locations of tourists. Over the past few years, the city has also seen a large increase in homelessness. It’s believed there are more than 40.000 homeless people in Los Angeles.

3. Chicago

With a population of 2.6 million, Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. It features strong international transport links with over 58 million people visiting the city every year. Apart from the city’s large financial growth sector, it’s also the home of multiple national and international manufacturing businesses.

With nearly 5 million workers coming in from the surrounding area, the companies here enjoy top access to talent in all industries. The food scene is also spectacular with the popular Chicago deep dish pizza being a top choice for tourists.

4. Houston

Houston has a population of 2.3 million. It has been rooted in land investment in its early days and today, the city has a strong economy with an impressive skyline. The city is mostly known for its oil industry. But it attracts people from all around the country based on its high employment statistics.

Forbes even considers paychecks in Houston are the most valuable for what they offer as living costs remain lower than in other larger US metropolitan areas.

5. Phoenix

With a population of 1.6 million, Phoenix is an economic powerhouse of Arizona. The city employs a large number of its population in administrative work. But it is also one of the major cities in Arizona with a complex food scene. Steakhouses are popular here. But the Hispanic population is also increasing in the city every year. As a result, Phoenix is a popular destination for Mexican food.

6. Philadelphia

With a population of nearly 1.6 million, Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the US. It hosted the First Continental Congress and it was the capital of the US in the times when the current capital-city was being built. The city was also the largest in the country at one point in history.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the US had a remarkable career after moving to Philadelphia where he began his work around local print shops. The city is also impacted by its Irish and German early migrants.

7. San Antonio

Located in Texas, San Antonio has a population of 1.5 million. Like San Diego, it also attracts a strong military presence due to its strategic location. However, there are plenty of interesting attractions to enjoy within city limits.

A walk downtown takes you to the Towers of the Americas as well as to the San Fernando Cathedral. But the current development of the city also comes with innovation. For example, the city is home to the first Texas museum of modern arts and the home of the San Antonio SeaWorld.

8. San Diego

San Diego has a population of over 1.4 million people. With a strong economy, the city is also considered the birthplace of California and a genuine interest city once it gained its independence from Spain. Today, it hosts a strong military industry offering submarine and shipbuilding yards that employ thousands. It’s also believed to be the city with the largest ship fleet in the world. More than 30.000 marines are employed by the military here.

9. Dallas

With a population of over 1.3 million people, Dallas is one of the major cities in Texas. Dallas has one of the strongest economies of the South. It’s the home of 10 Fortune 500 companies and it also hosts headquarters for businesses such as Exxon Mobile. Part of the innovation that drives the city is its 41 universities and colleges offering degrees in all areas of study.

The sports scene is also strong in Dallas. Travelers can stop at the AT & T Stadium to watch the Dallas Cowboys. Alternative methods of learning more about the city include sampling barbecue and proper Mexican food around its downtown area.

10. San Jose

With a population of just over 1 million people, San Jose is California’s Silicon Valley hub. The booming tech industry now places San Jose on the shortlist of cities that are the wealthiest in the world. It has very high earnings per capita just after Zurich and Oslo. The city also has one of the highest living costs in the world as a result. But this popularity is not exaggerated. San Jose delivers more patents than any other US city for US-based products.

Overview of the top 10 biggest cities in the U.S.

1New York8.3 million
2Los Angeles3.9 million
3Chicago2.6 million
4Houston2.3 million
5Phoenix1.6 million
6Philadelphia1.6 million
7San Antonio1.5 million
8San Diego1.4 million
9Dallas1.3 million
10San Jose1 million