The 10 Most Beautiful Swedish Names (And Their Meanings)

Sweden is one of the countries with a unique ethnic context. The most beautiful Swedish names and their meanings reflect this ethnic background and part of the country’s history. Today, beautiful Swedish names are given to kids all over the world since most parents can also find out what they mean.

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10. Viggo

Statue of Vigoo Hoerup

Starting off we have Viggo, a very rare name that is now gaining traction. This Nordic name goes way back into the history of the Vikings. ‘Vig’ means ‘battle’ and it is used across Sweden, Norway, and Denmark in the present.

Viggo is a short boy’s name and one of the famous people who took it abroad is none other than Viggo Mortensen from Lord of the Rings. Surprisingly, only a few thousand people are named Viggo today so your boy will have a very rare name.

9. Vidar

There are fewer than 1,000 people called Vidar in the US. The story is a bit different in Sweden where the baby boy’s name is very close to mythology and old religions. Vidar was the son of God Odin and in Norse mythology, he holds a special place at the end of the world when he’s going to avenge his father’s death. Since it’s tied to Nordic mythology, the name is also found in Norway. Vidar Villa is the name of a popular Nordic musician.

8. Maja

Maja is a Nordic name with an interpretation from the international name of Maya. It has a few meanings depending on the region the child is born in. For Swedes, Maja means ‘little mom’ but for other regions of the world, it can mean ‘illusion’, especially in India and the surrounding countries of the subcontinent. We also find the name Maia in Greek mythology where it also means ‘mother’.

7. Axel

Medallion of the Swedish count Fredrik Axel von Fersen

Axel is a popular boy’s name that means ‘father is peace’ and it’s not entirely unknown to the Western world. Axel is a popular name in TV shows such as The Walking Dead and The Middle. It was a name given to many important people in history.

Apart from being the name of one of the most popular musicians of all time, the name was also given to Axel Welin, a Swedish inventor. The man founded a powerful company that made the Welin davits (cranes) the Titanic was equipped with.

6. Arvid

Arvid Nordquist coffee roastery in Solna

The name Arvid used to be popular a few hundred years ago. Today, it has many forms. But the root name of Arvid is comprised of the Swedish words of ‘eagle + tree’ or ‘arn + vidhr’ which roughly translates as ‘the tree of the eagle’.

Arvid is a name found across Northern Europe as well as in the United States as it was brought over by Nordic migrants. There are many popular figures with the name of Arvid. We’re going to give the example of a Noble laureate, Arvid Carlsson. The prominent figure is known for his research in medical studies, particularly on the effect of dopamine on Parkinson’s sufferers.

5. Ivar

Peace monument in Karlstad by Ivar Johnsson

Ivar is an old Viking name that made history in the British Isles during the multiple raids on Scotland and England. The name is even popular in Scotland as Ivor. But Ivar is a Swedish name meaning ‘the warrior with a bow’ or an ‘archer’.

The name made history multiple times and is now back due to the Viking TV series featuring Ivar the Boneless. The Viking leader got the nickname of ‘boneless’ due to his leg problems. However, this medical condition did not stop his successful raids of the Anglo-Saxon territories starting 865.

4. Juni

Juni is a variation of ‘June’ in Swedish. The name’s popularity changes from one decade to another but many girls are still given this name today. Many argue that it’s actually a Roman name, directly inspired by the Juno, the marriage goddess.

With mixed roots, its certain that Juni is a quirky name with some sensuality to it. One of the few interpretations of Juno the Roman goddess is found in the Vatican where she has a life-size statue visitors can admire.

3. Elina

Helen of Troy

Elina is the Swedish version of ‘Helen’ and it means ‘a woman of intelligence’. The name used to be very popular in the ’80s but it is often given to little girls today as it’s associated with a rebel spirit or with a woman that doesn’t follow trends.

Elina is a name that you find in neighboring countries as well. Both Finland and Sweden are places where the name is becoming popular again. But the name is also seen in Greek ancient history. Helen of Troy was considered the most beautiful woman in the world.

2. Cornelia

Cornelia has a Latin origin where it means ‘horn’, most likely used in times of war. But the name resonates deeply with the Swedes today as so many women are now given this name at birth.

From models to writers, you can find Cornelia to be a very popular name in Sweden that many would even believe it originates in Northern Europe. Prominent figures include Cornelia Funke. You can read her work ‘Pen’s Labyrinth’ both magical and mythical, especially if you’re a young avid reader.

1. Astrid

Statue of Astrid Lindgren in Stockholm

The name Astrid is making a strong comeback for newborn girls in Sweden and across the world. It means ‘the beautiful goddess’ or the ‘fair goddess’ and it has been growing in popularity again after its spike in the 19th century, much like most other names on this list.

Astrid Sofia or Astrid of Sweden was the first queen of Belgium and the wife of King Leopold III. Astrid Sofia then gave birth to Josephine-Charlotte, the Grand duchess of Luxembourg. Her grandsons are now monarchs in Belgium and Luxembourg.

For sure, Astrid is a queen’s name as well. But it is now normally associated with women of beauty and elegance, particularly in Europe. The Swedish name has yet to get traction in the United States but it is common in the Northern European countries.