5 Different Types of Bed And Breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts are one of the most intimate types of accommodations out there, and whether you’re taking a weekend break or searching for a home away from home for a longer period of time, these cozy establishments are a welcome reprieve from the ol’ dusty trail. 

While the name seems fairly straightforward, there are actually a few different types of bed and breakfasts. There are no rigid standards for what constitutes this type of establishment, and each B&B is as unique as the proprietor who owns it. 

Continue reading to discover five different types of bed and breakfasts. 

1. Home Stay

When most people conjure up images of bed and breakfasts, they picture homey bedrooms, friendly hosts, and probably some eggs and bacon frying on the skillet when they wake each morning. If this is what you’re hoping for in a B&B, then a homestay is probably your best option. 

This is the most traditional type of bed and breakfast, and you will stay right in the home of the proprietors. This type of accommodation is usually on the smaller side, with only a few rooms available as the rest of the house is frequented by its full-time residents. Homestays are truly a home away from home, and most hosts strive to make you feel like part of the family. 

One of the benefits of staying in this type of bed and breakfast is that you will get a local’s perspective on the area you are staying in, and probably a few insider tips about the best restaurants and attractions nearby. The breakfast is usually great at these types of B&Bs, mostly due to the fact that the hosts only need to cook for a small number of guests. 

2. Bed & Breakfast – B&B

Similar to a homestay, a bed and breakfast (referred to simply as a B&B) offers guests a home away from home feel, only with this type of accommodation the owner does not live on the property. 

A B&B is often either the former home of the owners or in a property purchased with the specific intent of converting it into a bed and breakfast. This type of bed and breakfast is a bit larger than the homestay as there is no one living in it full-time, so if you are traveling with a small group or a family you will have a bit more space to spread out and more privacy to boot. 

Just like a homestay, breakfast is usually cooked up fresh each morning, and some bed and breakfasts offer additional services to guests like laundry or bicycle rentals.

3. Country Inn

A country inn is very similar to a classic bed and breakfast in that it offers guests intimate accommodations and breakfast, but the main difference is that the restaurants in these establishments are often open beyond the first meal of the day. 

Country Inns are often situated in a home setting, though like a typical bed and breakfast the owners do not live on-site. This type of B&B usually has a few different rooms available for rent (between three and five), though some country inns are much larger and can accommodate dozens of guests. 

The restaurant portion of a country inn is generally open to the public for lunch and dinner service, and sometimes special events are hosted here as well. Because the kitchens are bigger, the meals may be a bit more streamlined and a bit less like a home-cooked meal, but a good country inn will still serve up tantalizing dishes to guests around the clock.  

4. Bed & Breakfast Cottage

Those in search of the cozy bed and breakfast feel without the interaction with the host will love this cottage-type accommodation. Cottage B&Bs are usually located in a separate building outside of the owner’s main home and offer a greater sense of privacy for overnight guests. You can interact with the host as much or as little as you like, but they will always be nearby if you need any recommendations or directions. 

Cottages range immensely in layout and size, and some are rather basic with just a bed and private bathroom while others are more spacious with kitchens, living rooms, and outdoor spaces. Breakfast may or may not be included in this type of B&B, but if it is, you may have to head to the main house to enjoy it. If you’re lucky though, the host might deliver your morning sustenance right to your door!

5. Bed & Breakfast Hotels

Bed and breakfasts have a reputation for being some of the most comfortable types of accommodation, and some travelers will seek these establishments out more than any other. While it may seem like a bit of a contradiction, bed and breakfast hotels have begun popping up in recent years as more and more people try to get a slice of the proverbial pie.  

Built with the same basic principle in mind, B&B hotels boast way more rooms than a typical bed and breakfast, most with over 30 rooms available at any given time. It goes without saying that these types of bed and breakfasts lack the intimate appeal of a classic B&B, but if all you need is a comfortable bed to lay your head at night and a tasty breakfast when you wake up, a bed and breakfast hotel will do just fine. 

Bed and breakfast hotels offer extended food and cleaning services to guests, and they are extremely popular with those hosting special events like bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, and wedding parties.