What Is The Best Place To Live In Tennessee?

Tennessee is one of the states that offer a high quality of life. Quick access to outdoor attractions makes the state an interesting choice for those who love nature. But you also get the perks of urban living in cities such as Nashville. However, there are plenty of good locations to live in if you know where to look.

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Oak Ridge

The picture-perfect Oak Ridge is often the recommended town for newcomers in Tennessee. With a population of just over 20.000, it has an interesting outlook on living. The town allows you to live close to nature and it also allows you to work. The government is the largest employer here. With house prices averaging $140.000, it might not be the most expensive place to live in either.


If you’re after a good retirement place, Chattanooga can be an interesting choice. House prices here are a bit higher than in Oak Ridge but still affordable. The average home cost of $150.000 means you’ll have some money left to enjoy your retirement. But since the place is so close to nature, you won’t need too much money when you go out. The nearby Ruby Falls can be a good destination when you decide you want to spend a day outdoors. When your family is over to visit, there’s plenty to do as well. Those with nephews usually head over to the relaxing Chattanooga Zoo for a day out of the house.


If you’re after a town that is not as small as Oak Ridge but not as large as Nashville, you might need to look at Franklin. With a population of over 60.000, Franklin is known for its multiple community events. Attractions here include Civil War locations and there’s something to see here for visiting friends. For such a small town, its hundreds of restaurants and eateries also make it a good place for those who love food.


Nashville is often overlooked in Tennessee given its large size. But the city can be one of the top attractions of the state for your people. Its famous downtown music concert hall attracts more than 1 million visitors each year. If you love music, there’s no better place to be in the state.

But Nashville also attracts those who love food. Plenty of up and coming chefs are found here. If you love food but you don’t want to overspend as in other large US cities, Nashville can be the place to be. But the city is also an excellent hub if you plan to open your own food business. From food trucks to restaurants, there’s still room for more diversity.

With a lower cost of living compared to another metropolis, Nashville can also be one of those cities you commute to. You can even live in Franklin for the best home prices and commute into Nashville to get the most out of city living with its multiple job opportunities in hospitality and services.