What Is The Richest City In Tennessee?

The richest cities in Tennessee include Arlington and Nolensville. But these aren’t as rich as some other cities in the country since they are also smaller. However, if you plan to move to Tennessee, you need to know where fortune lies and you can start with the following cities.

1. Nolensville

With a population of just a few thousand people, Nolensville is the richest city in Tennessee. Situated just outside Nashville, it’s the place where you can earn a median wage of $124.000. Houses here are some of the best in the state and it’s worth moving here for a good standard of living if you have a secured job.

2. Arlington

With a population of 11.000, Arlington has a median income of $101.000. It’s the place to be if you like fast-growing communities. The city is the second fastest-growing municipality in the state. Other areas worth mentioning are Collierville and Germantown. These also feature a median income that is generally larger than $100.000.

3. Brentwood

The Nashville suburb of Brentwood is former farmland. But since the early ’50s, it has become a place with beautiful homes and vast plots of land for people to live in. Young and established executives live here as the place has some of the largest homes in Nashville. Judging by the ratio of cost of living to house costs, Brentwood is one of the best places to live in the US.

Tennessee might be a small state by population, but its richest cities tend to impress those coming from larger metropolitan areas. The larger homes and the larger backyards make the state attractive. But most of all, it’s the established generations living here that make it what it is today, a place worth living in for its high levels of comfort.