The 10 Best Neighborhoods in Singapore to Stay

The island state of Singapore has a population of 5 million. Finding the best neighborhoods in Singapore to stay as a tourist can be complicated and very time-consuming. The bad news is that many people are searching for places to stay in its main areas. It is estimated that 19.1 million people visited the island in 2019, and good places to stay aren’t that numerous.

Due to its high population density, Singapore is compact and relatively easy to travel within. This means accessing its neighborhoods for places to stay shouldn’t take too long. The following areas are where you can start to find a place to stay as well.

10. Chinatown

Chinatown is a developing area in Singapore. Located right between its busy skyscrapers, the area offers diverse hotels, hostels, and other types of accommodation.

You’ll know you are the right type of person to stay here if you like busy areas and good food. Within a couple of minutes of walking, you can find various traditional Chinese food to enjoy. Shopping centers and small shops selling traditional Chinese goods are also highly popular in the neighborhood.

9. Kampong Glam

Singapore is a very diverse city where people from all over the world come to live and work. Kampong Glam is the area preferred by the Arabic residents of the city and it has a special Middle Eastern vibe. You will like it in Kampong and Glam if you enjoy delicious Turkish food, a relaxing shisha, or if you simply want to get the most out of your money. A few bazars will even make you forget you are staying in Singapore as well.

8. Little India

Apart from Chinese and Arabic-speaking residents, Indians are also part of Singapore’s culture. You can check out one of the hotels in Little India. There’s even a main street which helps you get around if you aren’t too good with directions. As expected, local Indian restaurants are very good in the area and you can also find cheap shops where you can purchase all types of gifts for your friends and family back home in this thriving area of Singapore.

7. Geylang

If you only want to experience the true Singaporean culture, you need to stay in Geylang. It is here that you will get to see the most popular 19th-century building and enjoy some of the best foods in the city.

The area is also known as the Red Light District and if you like to stay up late, it might also be a neighborhood you can’t overlook. Accommodation here isn’t too expensive but it isn’t cheap either. It’s the type of area where the average middle-class Singaporean likes to live in as well.

6. Marina Area

The Marina Area is where you need to stay if you like great city views and the modern side of Singapore. It might not be the cheapest neighborhood in the city, but it certainly has its appeal. Millions of tourists visit this neighborhood as it hosts the city’s mascot statue.

You can even consider booking accommodation in a rooftop room which offers you 360 visibility of the city. If you don’t want to spend too much on accommodation and you still want to see the city from above, you can check out the Singapore Flyer (Ferris wheel) with its height of 550 feet.

5. Tiong Bahru

If you don’t like busy areas, you can book your accommodation in the Tiong Bahru area. It’s the West side of Chinatown but it has a distinct appeal. Its low-rise buildings look European and maybe this is why so many expats choose to live here.

You can find interesting quiet cafes here, along with international bookshops and even a new food market. Practically, you can simply enjoy the area for a couple of days if your stay in Singapore allows you to take some time off to relax.

4. The Colonial District

The Colonial District of the city has a profile of its own. Packed with colonial-era buildings, it has proximity to all central locations. You can enjoy shopping and numerous Instagram locations here. If you want to relax, Fort Canning Park is the area to visit. If you love museums, you won’t have to venture off to far either.

3. Clarke and Robertson Quay

If you’re into nightlife, you won’t get bored in Clarke Quay. This area runs along the Singapore River and it’s filled with colonial buildings with Chinese influences such as Asian restaurants. Nightclubs are here as well. Once you’re done with the partying, you can also enjoy delicious international meals in one of the restaurants with a river view of the neighborhood.

2. Sentosa Island

If you like beaches, you need to check out Sentosa Island. This area has been purposefully developed as an entertainment hub. This is why you’ll find plenty of casinos around its beaches. There are even a couple of golf courses here. Getting to Sentosa Island is also fun. Adventure Cove Waterpark is also located on Sentosa Island. The theme park offers you access to shops, spas, and it even gives you the opportunity to swim with exotic fish.

The Skyline of Sentosa is the cable car that takes you to the island. Alternatively, you can simply walk for a few minutes on the pedestrian bridge connecting the island to the rest of the city.

1. Orchard Road

If you love shopping, you won’t leave Orchard Road anytime soon. Often considered one of the world’s best shopping streets, Orchard Road features shopping malls, movie theatres, restaurants, and parks. Most people come here to look for designer fashion brands such as Yves Laurent.

Others only come here for the Ngee Ann City Mall experience. But side streets here aren’t bad either. The elegant Emerald Hill Road is often where tourists stop to take photos. Transport links here are some of the best in the city and you won’t get lost even if you walk further out on your own.