The 30 Best Places To Live For Single Women in the US

Are you a single woman? Would you like to find a partner in crime? Do you want to live somewhere that has a reasonable cost of living? Are you career-driven?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this blog post is for you.

Here, we’ve listed some of the best cities in America for single women, noting things like the cities’ top industries, cultural attractions, restaurants and bars, and outdoor activities.

Surely, out of these thirty cities, you’ll find one that suits your taste and gives you the exciting, adventure-filled life you’ve always been looking for.

Table of Contents

1. Atlanta, Georgia

Widely considered one of the top five places in the US for single women, Atlanta is filled with opportunities. Although the cost of living is considerably above the national average, the endless career opportunities and vibrant single community certainly make up for it.

As the headquarters of The Coca Cola Company, Delta Airlines, Turner Broadcasting, AT&T, and UPS, Atlanta ensures its single women never run out of lucrative career options.

Plus, the sports scene is to die for – baseball fans can enjoy watching the MLB Atlanta Braves while NFL fans can cheer on the Falcons.

Not to mention all the cultural attractions like opera, ballet, and theater. Lastly, you can visit parks during the day and dance and drink at the clubs at night.

2. Philadelphia, PA

Single women looking for the convenience of living in a big city but the cost of living in a small city will feel right at home in Philadelphia. Housing options are varied, from soaring skyscrapers to Victorian-style homes.

The city’s biggest industries include finance, insurance, medical instruments and supplies manufacturing, medical research, and pharmaceuticals.

The City of Brotherly Love is home to an impressive list of colleges and universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Haverford College, and Drexel University.

And one cannot forget the city’s historic sites, such as Independence Hall (the location in which the Declaration of Independence was signed) and the Liberty Bell.

3. San Jose, CA

With 132 men per 100 single women, San Jose offers single women lots of dating options.

That’s largely due to the fact that San Jose is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, where tech giants like Apple, Alphabet (Google), and Facebook officially reside.

Although the cost of living is 49% higher than the national average, the average salary of $103,000 might just compensate for that.

The city is full of museums and attractions, such as The Tech Interactive, the San Jose Museum of Art, and the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo. And every wine-and-diner will find something that suits their fancy, from comfy dive bars to upscale lounges.

4. Tucson, Arizona

Tucson’s large single population and reasonable cost of living make it a viable option for single women. With its median household income of $56,169 and rental prices ranging from $600 to $1000 a month, this desert oasis makes life enjoyable and relatively stress-free.

Its economy largely revolves around the University of Arizona, the Davis-Monthan Air Base, IBM, and Intuit. Because of Tucson’s sizable optics and optoelectronics industries, the city is also known as Optics Valley.

Fun things to do for singles include participating in NCAA sports, visiting the parks, swimming, hiking, camping, and fishing. Tucson’s annual events, such as the Folk Festival, the Fourth Avenue Street Fair, and the Meet Yourself Festival, attract people who come from far and wide.

5. Chicago, Illinois

If you want the amenities of a big city like New York but the warm and intimate feel of a Midwestern city, Chicago is just for you. Neighborhoods that are ideal for single women include The Loop, Printers Row, River North, Old Town, and West Town.

While the cost of living is fairly high, the city is booming with job opportunities. Chicago is home to many well-known companies like Boeing, CNA, Braintree, Morningstar, Grubhub, and Sialom.

The city also boasts some of the best shopping, dining, and nightlife scenes in America. Water sports fans can take a trip to Lake Mary, and, on top of that, you can visit Chicago’s many parks and trails, getting the best of both nature and city life.

6. New York, New York

New York is known as the city that never sleeps for a reason. Whether you consider yourself a fashionista, a theater enthusiast, a finance guru, an art connoisseur, or a businessperson or entrepreneur, New York literally has it all.

Professional jobs in this city generally pay very well. That being said, the cost of living in this city isn’t low by any standards. Fortunately, rental prices have lowered lately and will probably continue to decrease for the foreseeable future.

From Broadway’s bright lights to the Empire State Building’s towering glory to Central Park’s colorful beauty, there’s an array of places you can visit in the city. For entertainment, you can also check out the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and concerts at Madison Square Garden.

7. Tampa, Florida

Roughly 50% of Tampa’s population is single, which means single women have tons of options.

Tampa’s cost of living may be a bit high, but Tampa Bay has been named one of the best real estate markets in the country. This recognition is, perhaps, at least partially due to the city’s recent efforts to revamp its urban residential area.

Plus, career opportunities abound. Women can find jobs in health care, tourism, finance, technology, and maritime commerce. Companies headquartered in this Gulf Coast city include Outback Steakhouse, Carrabbas, The Melting Pot, Fleming’s Steakhouse, and Bonefish Grill.

Those looking for a bustling nightlife scene will not be disappointed. With areas like SoHo, Channelside, Ybor City, and International Plaza Seminole Hard Rock, Tampa provides an endless number of places to drink and dance the night away.

8. Washington, D.C.

The US capital is, arguably, the best city for single women.

Although Washington, D.C. doesn’t have the lowest cost of living, the many job opportunities in the city offer competitive salaries. And you can easily find decent, affordable housing.

The city may be well known for its opportunities in law and government, but there are also several jobs in retail and hospitality. Large DC-based companies include Fannie Mae, Capital One, Amtrak, Lockheed Martin, and the Marriott Corporation.

In your free time, you can pay a visit to the government buildings or the Smithsonian museums. But not all the fun activities are located in DC proper; you can easily visit the Maryland or Virginia suburbs to satisfy some of your dining and entertainment needs.

9. Tallahassee, Florida

With its low cost of living, large single population (more than half the population), and energetic festival and nightlife scenes, the state capital of Florida is a perfect place for single women.

In this Gulf Coast hotspot, you’ll never run out of things to do. The city sponsors a number of annual festivals and regular events, including the Wine and Food Festival, First Fridays at Railroad Square, and a host of winter and spring festivals.

At night, you can enjoy Tallahassee’s countless cocktail bars, breweries, and nightclubs.

10. Salt Lake City, Utah

The capital of Utah is teeming with career opportunities, outdoor activities, and arts and culture events, making it a prime location for single women.

Salt Lake City, a city with a large single population, has an average age of thirty-two years, and you can find many young professionals and students in the city’s eastern neighborhoods.

Salt Lake City is where the railroads of the western United States cross – hence, its nickname the “Crossroads of the West.” Although the area is widely known for its steel mills, mines, and oil refineries, it’s also home to a number of Fortune 500 companies, like Zions Bancorporation and Quester Corporation. You can also find many jobs in the hospitality industry.

Common outdoor activities include skiing, snowboarding, and cycling.

While the city may be known for its active Church of Latter-day Saints community, it’s also recognized for its thriving LGBTQ+ population.

11. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison has more than enough career and social opportunities and outdoor recreation options to suit a single woman’s fancy.

Home to a highly educated population, the city has jobs in education, health care, biotechnology, and advertising, to name just a few. Companies that call Madison home include Spectrum, Alliant Energy, and American Family Insurance.

At around $1000 a month, the low rental costs ensure you have the means to enjoy life in the city to the fullest. Recreation activities include iceboating, ice skating, hockey, ice fishing, and skiing. You can also go biking and hiking along the city’s many trails.

Restaurants in downtown Madison serve locally grown food, and there are always new bars and performance venues to try out. Popular festivals include the Mifflin Street Block Party and the Freakfest Halloween Party.

12. Phoenix, Arizona

Another sizable metropolitan with a small-city feel, Phoenix provides affordable housing makes the city’s cost of living forty-five percent less than New York’s.

If you’re intrigued by Native American history and culture and appreciate Southwestern architecture, clothing, and jewelry, you should consider living in Phoenix. There are history and art museums around the city, but you’ll also find places for the contemporary arts.

Sports fans can enjoy professional basketball, baseball, football, and hockey.

To top it off, Phoenix is just a short drive away from one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon.

13. Seattle, Washington

The coffee capital of the world is many single women’s dream city.

Firstly, according to Forbes Magazine, it’s the premier center in the country for business and careers. Amazon, Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Nordstrom, T-Mobile, Expedia, and Nintendo are just some of the corporations that have headquarters in Seattle.

Secondly, it offers tons of things to do in your free time. These include participating in outdoor activities and sports and visiting cultural sites. Sailing, kayaking, hiking, and skiing are some of the popular outdoor activities.

Many would say the grunge music scene is to die for, so if you enjoy hitting up music venues, Seattle may be the city for you.

14. Springfield, Massachusetts

If you’re interested in a smaller city that’s close to major cities like Boston and New York City, you should consider Springfield. Situated on the Connecticut River banks, this city provides excellent career options, an outstanding location, and boundless socializing opportunities.

Its population of 153,000 is mostly single, and its numbers are steadily increasing.

Springfield, which has a strong and stable economy, offers job opportunities in education, health care, trade and transportation, manufacturing, tourism, and hospitality.

Perhaps surprisingly, Springfield has an active nightlife. You can visit nightclubs and music venues in the Club Quarter, where the city’s single people often gather.

15. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The low cost of living in Pittsburgh is certainly one to brag about. Not only is it forty-nine percent less than New York’s, but it’s also below the national average. You can find housing of all sorts, from Victorian homes to condos and townhouses.

You can find career opportunities in finance, health care, and technology. And here’s some good news for job seekers: the healthcare and technology industries are quickly growing in the city. Pittsburgh is also home to at least a dozen Fortune 1000 companies.

There are several well-respected universities in the city, including Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.

There’s also a thriving arts scene, where you can enjoy art museums like the Andy Warhol Museum and the Carnegie Museum for the Arts. You can take in performances by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Opera, and the Pittsburgh Ballet.

16. Denver, Colorado

A city consistently recognized for being one of America’s best cities for single women, Denver has a host of career options and a well-above-average income of $75,646.

The majority of the city’s 730,000 people is single, partially due to its substantial student and young professional population. Unsurprisingly, the average age is relatively young at thirty-four years, so single Millennial women should have no trouble finding partners around their age.

You can find jobs in mining, energy, and telecommunication companies. Companies like MapQuest, Quest Communications, and Newmont Mining Company call Denver home.

Denver is also known for its gorgeous outdoor scenery. In addition to relishing its breathtaking beauty, you can partake in its many outdoor recreational activities, sports, festivals, concerts, theater performances, nightclubs, and stand-up comedy.

17. Columbia, South Carolina

With a cost of living that’s 60.86% lower than the national average and a slightly-above-average salary of $56,000, the capital of South Carolina offers a decent quality of life for single women.

Top industries in Columbia include manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, research, and transportation, with manufacturing being the largest and most significant.

Known for its “famously hot” temperatures, the city offers plenty of fun outdoor activities. It’s also home to the University of South Carolina, the state’s flagship university, making the city a dynamic and energetic college town.

18. Dallas, Texas

Although Dallas has a high cost of living, its career and social opportunities for single women are almost unbeatable. No wonder the city attracts so many single people!

You can find work at the city’s many colleges and universities and IT, telecommunications, and transportation companies. Dallas also happens to be the home of Exxon and American Airlines.

Sports fans can root for the NFL Cowboys and the NBA Mavericks. Art enthusiasts can check out Cedars, the city’s art district, where they can visit art museums. In Cedars, there’s a well-known NYLO rooftop patio and lounge as well as venues for nighttime entertainment.

19. Minneapolis, Minnesota

According to, the city is one of the best places to live and work in America. The combination of Minneapolis’ reasonable cost of living and above-average salary (roughly $72,000) make the Twin Cities a smart option for single women.

Minneapolis is best known for its medical instruments and supplies manufacturing, printing and publishing, transportation equipment, computer and data processing services, finance, and engineering and management services.

Besides being one of the safest cities in the country, it’s also a city full of art installations, performance venues, and museums that showcase local and international talents.

20. Charlotte, NC

Almost half of Charlotte’s population is single, and although the city has experienced an uptick in its overall population, the cost of living has remained reasonably low.

Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Truist Financial, Honeywell, and Lowes all have headquarters in Charlotte. You can also find one of the University of North Carolina campuses there.

Sports teams include the NFL Panthers and the NBA Hornets. Charlotte also has NASCAR’s Hall of Fame, a shrine dedicated to the history and heritage of this car racing company.

There’s a large number of quaint neighborhoods that single people call home. They can choose from an array of restaurants, cafes, shopping places, bars, and nightclubs throughout the city.

21. Providence, Rhode Island

A typical resident of Providence is single and relatively young. Add the fact that rent typically costs less than $1000, and you have a perfect city for single women.

Providence, which isn’t too far from Boston and New York, enjoys a comparatively low cost of living. Its economy is stable, and most of the city’s jobs are in the healthcare, textile, jewelry manufacturing industries, and in education.

There are seven colleges and universities in Providence, including Brown University, one of the eight Ivy League institutions. You can pay a visit to the Knowledge District, where many of the colleges and universities as well as a number of engineering/technology companies are located.

22. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a go-to place for single women. The cost of living may be high, but it’s well worth it for a lot of people. One unique feature of the city is its neighborhoods, where old colonial buildings are juxtaposed with modern architecture, giving the neighborhoods a distinct character.

The city gives you a variety of career opportunities. Some major corporations you’ll find in Boston are General Electric, Fidelity Investments, Liberty Mutual, Wayfair, Bank of America, Dell, Verizon Communications, and Johnson & Johnson. You can also find a plethora of jobs in the healthcare field.

There are several world-renowned colleges and universities in the Boston area, including Harvard University, MIT, Boston College, Northeastern University, and Boston University.

Boston Commons, one of the city’s many parks, is the oldest public park in the country. You can go shopping and dining and visit museums during the day and drink and dance at the clubs at night. Sports fans can cheer on the Red Sox at Fenway Park and run in the Boston Marathon.

23. Boulder, Colorado

Located just twenty-five miles from Denver, the capital of Colorado, Boulder has much to offer for single women.

The cost of living is above the national average, but so is its average income ($65,000). You can find employment in health care, education, publishing, manufacturing, and technology.

Due to its location at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is a hub for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and even hot air ballooning.

Besides a vibrant arts scene and high-quality health and education services, Boulder offers many coffee houses, bars, breweries, and clubs, where single women can make new friends and, perhaps, even find a new partner in crime.

24. Las Vegas, Nevada

Although widely known as a city of rowdiness and debauchery, Las Vegas is actually an ideal city to live in for single women.

As expected, the cost of living is quite high. But the city’s endless career options, coupled with its large and thriving single population, make this place an absolute gem for singles.

Hospitality and entertainment companies like Wynn Resorts, Caesars Entertainment Corporation, MGM Resorts, and Bally Technologies can be found in Las Vegas. The city is also home to the Nevada Power Company, National University, Allegiant Air, and Zappos.

As Nevada’s biggest city and cultural and financial center, Las Vegas provides single women with numerous places to make friends – and maybe even find a romantic partner.

25. Orlando, Florida

Most of Orlando’s large population is single and fairly young.

Primarily known for its theme and amusement parks, like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, Orlando also offers career opportunities in technology, hospitality, and research.

There’s a diverse music scene, and there’s a ton of options for shopping, dining, and clubbing. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you can watch the NBA Orlando Magic.

The city, known for its live theater performances and movie and recording studios, hosts the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival every year.

26. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, with 133 single men per 100 single women, is an excellent place for women to find a romantic partner.

As a center for technology, innovation, and social media, the city has much to offer in terms of career opportunities. While the cost of living is among the highest in America, its average salary of $102,000 makes living in this diverse tech hub a bit more manageable.

The city is known to have some of the best bars and nightclubs in the country, so its nighttime entertainment options will never disappoint you.

You can find all kinds of dining options in this multicultural city, from burritos to dumplings to sourdough bread bowls. Whatever cuisine you prefer, you’ll find it all in the Golden City,

27. Lincoln, Nebraska

As a city applauded for its safety and low cost of living (rent is around $700), Lincoln has basically everything a single woman needs.

With much of the city’s activity revolving around the University of Nebraska, this large college town is enjoying an ever-growing and thriving population, especially in the downtown area.

Sports enthusiasts can watch the local basketball and football teams, while music fans can catch concerts at Pinnacle Bank Arena. Other places to visit include the Haymarket farmers’ market as well as many public parks and recreational places around the city.

There are employment opportunities in education, health care, IT, finance, and publishing.

28. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Ft. Lauderdale’s cost of living may be 16% more than the national average, but its average salary of $67,000 makes living in the city relatively comfortable.

Though the city was once considered a tourism-based economy, you’ll now find a good number of jobs in hospitality, retail, health care, education, and transportation.

The city is well known for its beaches, arts, and culture. A day out may involve anything from shopping on Las Olas Boulevard, taking gondola rides on the canals, or visiting a historic riverfront. Whatever you enjoy doing, you’ll always have plenty of things to do.

29. St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, popularly known as the Gateway of the West, has a decently sized single population with a median age of thirty-five.

The city’s low cost of living (rent is about $800) and infinite job opportunities make it a hard-to-beat contender for single women. Companies that call St. Louis home include Edward Jones Investments, Mastercard, Pfizer, and Boeing. You can also find jobs in biotechnology.

The MLB St. Louis Cardinals and NHL St. Louis Blues provide never-ending fun and entertainment at sports venues. That’s not to mention all the many parks there are to enjoy.

30. Austin, Texas

Because Austin’s top industries – high tech and pharmaceutical – are high-growth industries, the job opportunities are plentiful. Combine that with Austin’s reasonable cost of living, and you have a city that every single woman needs to consider.

Entertainment options are bountiful, especially if you enjoy live music. The city is home to 200 live music venues, where you can enjoy virtually every genre of music. Although blues and country are the most popular genres in Austin, you’ll also find quite a lot of classical music.

While the University of Texas and other colleges and universities make Austin a busy college town, these institutions also provide opportunities for socializing.

Austin’s population is quite young, with a median age of twenty-nine. Compare this to New York, Washington, D.C., Seattle, or Pittsburgh, where the median age is at least five years older.