The 10 Best Restaurants like Hooters

From sports bars to cafes, there is just something about a server in a striking uniform that has people lining up at the door. 

If you want to explore more of the restaurants that have made their livelihood with the help of their attractive waitstaff, then you have to check out this list of the top ten restaurants like Hooters. 

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1. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks
Trong Nguyen / Shutterstock

Twin Peaks runs on what they call the “Lodge Mantality,” and one visit here is enough to understand why.

This is not the place you go for a fancy, sit-down meal but rather a place to kick back and have some fun after a long day at work.

Everything about this place follows a rustic theme that makes you feel like you are hanging out in a log cabin in the middle of the woods and even the Twin Peaks girls are dressed for the part in plaid crop tops and cowboy-style short shorts.

It is nearly impossible to not walk out of here with a smile, although, you may not want to bring your children here with you on Wednesdays when all of the girls dress in lingerie.

2. Tilted Kilt

Tilted Kilt
Tilted Kilt

Here you can choose from over thirty domestic and imported beers served up either on tap or in an ice-cold bottle – but the real show stopper are the famous Tilted Kilt girls who will be serving you.

There is a reason this place’s slogan is “A Cold Beer Never Looked So Good” and it has a lot to do with their striking uniform. 

Just be prepared to struggle with the menu because there is a huge selection ranging from flatbread pizzas to burgers and everything in between.

Choose from wings, appetizers, soups, pies, wraps, sandwiches, and more.

3. Ojos Locos

Ojos Locos
Ojos Locos

This place was designed to make you feel like you have been transported to a sports bar in Mexico and it does exactly that.

Just don’t be surprised when you see the Ojos Locos girls walking around in little black skirts and crop tops.

Start your afternoon off right by dipping freshly cooked chips into even fresher guacamole or opt for another tasty appetizer like ceviche or nachos. Just make sure to save room for the main course because this place has everything from sopas to street tacos.

Plus, the menu also features a large selection of burgers and wings for anyone still looking for traditional pub fare.

4. Bombshells


The moment you walk through the door you will feel a sense of belonging as you are surrounded by friendly faces and rows of flat-screen televisions streaming the latest pro league game.

Open from breakfast to after midnight, there is never a bad time to stop in for a visit. Just do yourself a favor and make sure to quench your thirst with one of the many beer selections on tap. 

Plus, the Bombshells franchise has one of the longest happy hours available, so you’ll be saving money while enjoying a one-of-a-kind experience if you visit between the hours of 11 AM and 7 PM on any given day with the exception of Thursday when it runs from open to close.

During this, you can get twenty-three ounces of beer for only five bucks and well drinks for as little as three dollars.

5. Bone Daddy’s


Bone Daddy’s

Daddy’s Girls, as the waitstaff here is called, follow a strict uniform of short shorts and low-cut tops.

And when you are not chowing down on barbecue or ogling the waitresses, you can be watching the latest game on one of the many flat-screen televisions and drinking a beer from the fine selection of brews they have on tap. 

Start your meal off right with a tasty appetizer like the Smokin’ Tailpipes or their famous Messy Smoked Wings and then move on to the main dish but be prepared to be overwhelmed with delicious-looking options.

You’ll have to choose between Pit Master sandwiches, smokehouse BBQ platters, Kick’d Up sandwiches, salads, and daily specials.

6. Heart Attack Grill

heart attack
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With a name like Heart Attack Grill, it is no wonder that this place revolves around all things unhealthy but what you probably didn’t know is that it also boasts an experience similar to Hooters. 

Another prime example of the restaurant’s motto is the Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge which ultimately ends with you getting pushed out of the place in a wheelchair by your own personal nurse and speaking of nurses, all of the waitresses sport skimpy nurse uniforms that you would only normally see on occasions like Halloween. 

Ranging from single to octuple, the bypass burger is the restaurant’s main attraction but as you can probably guess, the octuple bypass burger is made up of eight half-pound patty and each one has its own slice of cheese.

Not to mention the option to add forty pieces of bacon to your meal.

7. WingHouse


Make sure to come with your appetite because this place is known for its oversized portions and if you couldn’t tell by the name, WingHouse is known for its wings and a huge variety of flavors.

There is something for everyone to enjoy with nearly twenty different options for sauces and rubs to take your chicken wings to the next level.

But there is more to the menu than just wings so make sure to check out some other tasty options like burgers, sandwiches, wraps, salads, pizza, and more.

Some fan favorites include baby back ribs, the fisherman fish and chips, and the jumbo combo platter made up of sliders, boneless wings, and classic wings.

8. Show-Me’s


Start off with a tasty appetizer like crab rangoons, toasted ravioli, and pretzel nuggets, and then, have your pick of soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, baskets, pizzas, and wings.

There is no such thing as a bad choice here, but the restaurant is particularly famous for its wings with more than ten unique flavors to choose from.

Every once in a while, patrons will get really lucky when the restaurant runs its crab legs special but one guaranteed deal to take advantage of at this place is the lunch special.

Lunch specials range from eight to twelve dollars and some selections even include a draft beer and an order of fries. 

9. Cowgirls Espresso

Cowgirls Espresso

This unique chain hasn’t made its way out of Washington State just yet, but you’ll find nearly twenty locations scattered throughout the state, and the girls working behind the counter are always dressed to impress with theme days including Military Monday, Cowgirl Tuesday, Bikini Wednesday, School Girl Thursday, and Fantasy Friday.

Plus, the Cowgirls host a variety of after-hours events that really boost community engagement. 

Considering the small size of the establishment, Cowgirls Espresso boasts a pretty extensive coffee menu so feel free to pick from more than ten hot drink options ranging from latte to chai tea, or check out the equally impressive iced drink menu.

Add an extra shot of espresso to any drink for as little as twenty-five cents and don’t forget to check out their daily pastry selection.

10. Walk-On’s

walk on

You won’t find a thing on the menu that doesn’t make your mouth water with popular appetizers that include boudin balls made up of fried spicy pork and rice, waffle cheese fries, boom boom shrimp, fried alligator, tuna tini, and so much more.

Just don’t forget to save room for the main dish because you’ll definitely have some hard decisions to make with options including signature salads, seafood, Bistreaux specialties, sandwiches, po’boys, wraps, tacos, burgers, and soups.

You can never go wrong with choosing a fan favorite like the Cajundillas, Pasta Alfredeaux, Pastalaya, and Cajun Ribeye but part of what makes this place so exciting is its ability to combine the traditions of classic American dishes with rich Cajun flavors.

Just do yourself a favor and save room for dessert because the bread pudding is literally made with Krispy Kreme donuts and the warm cookie sundae is a winner every time.