Which Celebrities Live in Idaho?

There are many celebrities that live in Idaho, including Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis. Some celebrities have been born in Idaho or came from Idaho, and now live there or have a seasonal home there.

It is not difficult to find celebrities in every industry living and working out of the Gem State.

There are many celebrities that live in Idaho or have a seasonal home there, including Tom Hanks and Christina Hendricks.

Celebrities from every industry live here, including television and film and the music industry. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been known to live here, as has Clint Eastwood and so many others.

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What film or television stars live in Idaho permanently?

Christina Hendricks

It is very difficult to say what stars live in Idaho permanently, but there are many like Bill Fagerbakke, Christina Hendricks, and George Kennedy who are believed to have permanent homes here.

Bill Fagerbakke is the voice of Patrick Star on SpongeBob SquarePants, and also played the role of Dauber Dybinski on the hit series Coach.

Additionally, Fagerbakke played the role of Marvin Erickson Sr. on How I Met Your Mother.

George Kennedy is a famous television and movie star who lives in Idaho. He has appeared in Cool Hand Luke, the Naked Gun series, and McHale’s Navy.

Christina Hendricks is a famous film and television star as well and played a prominent role in the hit TV series Mad Men, as well as Good Girls, and The Romanovs.

Michael Hoffman moved to Idaho in the 1960s, and has appeared in The Last Station, Some Girls, and Restoration, and also founded the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

Soap opera star from Port Charles and General Hospital, Jay Pickett, also lives in Idaho when not filming.

Genevieve Cortese who appeared in Supernatural, Flash Forward, and Wildfire also lives in Idaho.

Famous television news anchor Lou Dobbs from Lou Dobbs Tonight and Moneyline also has lived in Idaho.

Michael Hoffman

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger live in Idaho full time?

No, Arnold Schwarzenegger does not live in Idaho full time, but he has lived there. Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to be a lover of all things skiing, and this is reportedly what attracted him and his family to the Gem State.

In Idaho, Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly loves other activities, including the Trailing of the Sheep Festival, something he enjoyed with his family right after winning the California gubernatorial election.

Schwarzenegger’s home is in Ketchum, Idaho, and he is said to enjoy using the Sun Valley Resort when his schedule allows.

When there, it is rumored that he does not have a problem at all talking with fans or meeting and greeting anyone that wishes to talk to him.

He was even a good Samaritan at one point, helping a woman who knocked on his door when her car broke down while she was delivering newspapers.

Does Bruce Willis live in Idaho full time?

 Bruce Willis

Many people will say that Bruce Willis lives in Idaho full time, as he has lived there for over 33 years despite his constant traveling for work.

Bruce Willis moved to Hailey, Idaho, with Demi Moore in 1988, and began to invest in the business sector of Idaho.

Some have said that Willis even owned the town when they lived there.

Two of his most popular businesses included a diner and a nightclub, called Shorty’s and The Mint respectively.

However, many in Idaho were not large fans of him after he closed the businesses down and many lost their jobs in 1998.

Shorty’s did eventually reopen with a new owner who has operated the diner ever since.

The nightclub, The Mint, was not as lucky and was empty until it was re-established by new owners in 2018.

The former Bruce Willis business has struggled since the pandemic but serves primarily as a music venue.

Bruce Willis LA

Bruce Willis has sold his home in Hailey, but still lives in Idaho whenever he can and spent the pandemic quarantine in the Gem State.

Do Clint Eastwood, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tom Hanks live in Idaho full time?

Clint Eastwood does have a property in Idaho and lives there as often as he can. He owns property in the Sun Valley, and his parents also own property there.

When he appeared in the hit 1980 movie Bronco Billy, a film set in Boise and other key Idaho cities, he blended in naturally with the scenery.

He has been known to hit the ski slopes with fellow celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tom Hanks with his wife Rita Wilson enjoy Idaho and living in the popular celebrity-studded Sun Valley.

They have built a $12 million dollar home in the area but wound up mired in a lawsuit with the company that was building it.

One report indicated that house issues such as faulty construction in fireplaces and roofs were the cause of the lawsuit launched by Hanks and Wilson, although the couple lost that legal battle.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is another famous Idaho resident that lives in the Sun Valley area, particularly in Ketchum, where she has a second home.

Skiers in Sun Valley may try the hill Leigh Lane, which is named after Jamie Lee’s famous mom Janet Leigh, who also lived in Idaho for an extraordinary amount of time.

The Leigh and Curtis family are known to be good friends with the owners of the Carol’s Dollar Mountain Lodge where the ski slope named Leigh Lane is found.

What celebrities are from Idaho?

Aaron Paul, Demi Moore, and Matt Damon are just a few of the many artists and celebrities that have been born in and come from Idaho.

Aaron Paul has a mom that has lived and worked in Boise at Townsquare Media her whole life.

He lives a fairly normal life in Idaho and is frequently spotted in locations such as Whole Foods and Walgreens.

The move for Bruce Willis and Demi Moore was a natural one for the couple as Demi Moore is from there and still lives there.

There is a rumor that Demi Moore was given a house by Bruce Willis on her thirtieth birthday because she needed a large space for her china doll collection.

Frank Marshall

Matt Damon is from Idaho as well, and so is Frank Marshall, the producer of the Jason Bourne movies series.

Stand-up comic Dan Cummins is also an Idaho native. He is known for appearing in Revenge Is Near, Hear This, and Crazy with a Capital F. Billie Bird, the actor from Benson, Dear John, Sixteen Candles, Home Alone, and Dennis the Menace is also a native Idaho resident and celebrity.

What musicians live in or are from Idaho?

There are many musicians or artists in the music industry that love Idaho and live there frequently, including Lillian Disney, Ronee Blakeley, Olive Osmond, and more.

The name Lillian Disney is from the family you’re thinking of and was the wife of Walt Disney. Lillian lived in Spalding with him where she worked on musical components of productions such as Mickey Mouse.

Ronee Blakeley, the producer and composer of Nashville, Lighting Over Water, and Renaldo and Clara, also lived in Idaho, with a hometown in Nampa.

Gutzon Borglum, known for the theme song of the Life and Times of Grizzly Adams also lived in Idaho.

Gutzon Borglum

Olive Osmond, the mom of the famous singing Osmonds also lived in Idaho for most of her life.