The 20 Most Common Fish Species in Lake Michigan

Believe it or not, the famous Lake Michigan has more than 130 different species of fish swimming around, or should we say, waiting for your bait? It’s no wonder anglers gravitate to this lake as their options are not just varied but include some delicious and high-caliber fish. We’ve decided to list the 20 most … Read more

The Four Great Lakes with the Most Shipwrecks

The Great Lakes are important not just for fishing but also for marine transportation. Unfortunately, over several decades, more than 6,000 vessels navigating these lakes have sunk or crashed. Even more horrifying is the information from the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum (yes, there’s such a place) that upwards of 30 thousand people also lost their … Read more

The 30 Best Boating Lakes in the US

In a country that boasts more than one hundred thousand lakes, it can be difficult to decide at which of these beautiful places to launch your boat. But like all things in this world, there are some places that are more beautiful than others, and the lakes of the United States are no exception.   So … Read more

The 15 Best Fishing Lakes in Tennessee

With over 1,000 lakes located throughout the state, you’re never too far away from a world-class fishing spot when you’re in Tennessee. Additionally, there are nearly 300 native fish species estimated to be swimming these waters. Knowing all that, it should come as no surprise that Tennessee is ranked at the top of all states … Read more

The 10 Cheapest Lakes to live on in Texas

Considering that Texas is just about as south as you can get (and stay in the country), most people don’t think of it as a place to find lakefront homes.  But thanks to the building of an endless reservoir, the state has an abundance of picturesque lakes to choose from, and many of them offer … Read more

The 10 Deepest Lakes in Canada

Known as the country with the most lakes, there is no denying that Canada is home to some of the greatest bodies of water.  In fact, Canada’s lakes make up more than half of the lakes found around the globe which means no trip to the country would be complete without visiting one.  Plus, of … Read more

The 30 Best Lakes to Live on in the United States

Whether you are considering a place to retire or are just looking for a change of scenery, a lakeside home is the perfect place to find relaxation and recreation on and around the water. Thankfully, there are many picture-perfect lakeside communities in the United States to explore and choose from. Whether you are looking to … Read more