How Long Does Nature Stone Last?

Flooring upgrades are some of the most common home improvement projects, with so many beautiful flooring finishes to consider.

One popular option is called Nature Stone, an American brand created in 1989 by Russell Masetta.

By blending natural color stones with a special epoxy, Masetta achieved a welcome alternative to uneven or easily damaged concrete floors.

Authentic Nature Stone floors come with a 10-year unconditional warranty, which protects against materials cracking and losing their glossy finish.

Nature Stone floors could last for 15–20 years or even longer with proper maintenance.

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What is Nature Stone?

Nature Stone

Nature Stone is a reputable brand specializing in stone and epoxy flooring for interior and exterior use.

This flooring material is a mix of small stones and adhesive epoxy, which is commonly used for plastic, metal, and wood construction.

Nature Stone is often installed over uneven or cracked concrete to create a smoother, more stylish floor with a glossy, shiny finish.

Nature Stone is the actual authentic brand for this kind of floor, although other companies may offer similar styles.

The advantage with Nature Stone is how long the floors can last, thanks to a special formula for the stone-epoxy mix.

The brand has been around for over 30 years and quickly became a fan favorite with homeowners nationwide.

Part of the appeal of Nature Stone floors is how they reduce concrete repairs, especially in basements and outdoor patios.

In fact, founder and owner Russell Masetta actually started the brand after experimenting with different epoxies in an effort to address concrete deficiencies.

epoxy with tiny natural stones

When he discovered the perfect combination of formulated epoxy with tiny natural stones, the successful flooring brand was born.

What are the benefits of Nature Stone floors?

If you’re shocked by the cost to build a house and worried about added expenses like new floors or cabinets, it’s important to choose quality, long-lasting floors that are worth the price.

Many homeowners feel Nature Stone floors fit the bill thanks to the obvious quality and luxurious finish.

Here are all the top benefits of Nature Stone floors:

  • Specially engineered to cover existing concrete floors
  • Breathable floors with hydrostatic ports in the pebble epoxy to eliminate moisture build-up
  • Minimal maintenance required – easily cleaned with a damp mop or vacuum
  • Conceals damaged concrete and uneven areas
  • Creates custom designs and patterns
  • Comfortable skid-resistant surface
  • Prevents mold and mildew growth
Nature Stone floors last so long

According to, Nature Stone costs $9–$14 per square foot, so while it’s more expensive than carpet or laminate on average, it’s in line with other high-end flooring types such as hardwood or marble.

Why do Nature Stone floors last so long?

Nature Stone floors are backed by a 10-year warranty, making it the only stone and epoxy brand to provide an unconditional warranty on cracking, delaminating, and losing gloss for a full decade.

That’s for indoor floors, while outdoor installations are protected by a one-year warranty on labor and materials.

The brand prides itself on this warranty and high quality, otherwise known as “Russell’s Promise” in honor of the company founder.

One of the reasons why Nature Stone floors last for at least a decade, if not longer, is that they are porous.

This durable flooring material lets the concrete breathe underneath instead of locking moisture between the concrete and stone epoxy.

Trapped moisture leads to water damage or even flooding, but with Nature Stone, such problems are a thing of the past.

Nature Stone floors last so long

Unlike tile or carpet, Nature Stone doesn’t need to be reapplied or even maintained much.

A simple damp mop or vacuum is enough to clean these floors, which feature hydrostatic ports within the pebble epoxy, so moisture naturally evaporates.

Because these floors stay dry, they aren’t susceptible to the same cracking and peeling that ruins other types of flooring.

What can Nature Stone be used for?

Nature Stone is a unique mix of stone pebbles and epoxy, used to create a long-lasting concrete floor covering that’s comfortable, breathable, and beautiful.

It’s one of many options homeowners have when looking at repairing or upgrading their concrete floors or even installing new floors altogether.

Here are some of the most common areas Nature Stone floors are used for:

  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Patios
  • Sheds
  • Guest houses
  • Living rooms
cracked concrete

Keep in mind that Nature Stone can correct low or uneven spots and puddling, as well as cracked, chipped, or stained concrete.

Most homeowners who choose Nature Stone use it as a more permanent concrete covering compared to tile or carpet which can be easily damaged by mold, mildew, and water.

What is Nature Stone maintenance like?

Nature Stone is best known for its low maintenance, giving residents and business owners a long-lasting concrete floor solution without a lot of upkeep.

Most Nature Stone floors will last for at least 10 years, if not closer to 15-20 years with normal wear.

Unlike carpet that needs to be vacuumed and steam cleaned, or tile that needs regular mopping, Nature Stone doesn’t require much cleaning at all, just the occasional vacuum or damp mop.

Indoor and outdoor Nature Stone floors can be vacuumed to remove loose dust and small debris.

Normal household cleaners are suitable too, although heavy-duty grime and spill cleaners from the manufacturer may come in handy for high-traffic areas.

A shop vac and steam vacuum are recommended for Nature Stone floors, and repair kits are available from the brand in case of any unexpected damage.

steam vacuum

Periodic cleaning will keep Nature Stone in its best condition, just like with any kind of floor.

If the shine starts fading or turns dull, a topcoat can refresh the appearance and make these floors look good as new.

Also, authentic Nature Stone floors come with an optional yearly flooring inspection for no extra cost, which will help to maintain these floors as effectively as possible.

Is Nature Stone worth it?

At the end of the day, the decision to invest in Nature Stone floors depends on your personal preferences and project budget.

The long lifespan and 10-year warranty on authentic Nature Stone floors are attractive to many homeowners, especially those who live in wet regions with a lot of humidity.

That’s not to mention the ability to customize Nature Stone floors with different colors and patterns.

Also, if you have a concrete foundation and try to cover the floors with conventional coverings like tile, carpet, or paint, you’ll find that moisture from the damp concrete gets trapped.

This leads to blistered paint, peeled coatings, loose tiles, and mold and mildew growth. Nature Stone doesn’t have that same problem, as the stone epoxy is much more breathable and actually prevents mold and mildew from growing in the first place.

blistered paint

If you have concrete floors in your basement, garage, or anywhere else inside or outside your home, Nature Stone may be a suitable replacement and a stylish, non-slip covering for concrete.

After all, it fixes uneven spots and creates a comfortable walking surface. The only real downside is the higher cost than other floor materials. But because it lasts for at least a decade, if not longer, and doesn’t require much maintenance, the price tag is worth it for many people.