Where Is the Cheapest Place to Live on Cape Cod?

Cape cod is one of the most popular retirement areas in the United States. It’s known for its sandy beaches, laid-back lifestyle, and many indoor and outdoor attractions.

With it being one of the most popular spots, it leads to the question, where is the cheapest place to live on cape cod?

The cheapest areas to live in Cape Cod are places that aren’t around central Cape Cod. Affordable areas include the following:

  • West Falmouth
  • West Dennis
  • Forestdale
  • East Sandwich
  • Orleans
  • Buzzards Bay
  • Mashpee Neck
  • Sandwich
  • Wellfleet
  • Harwich Port
  • Sagamore
  • Chatham

Any location not in central Cape Cod or on the beach has reasonably priced homes.


Cape Cod has many affordable areas with new listings weekly. In fact, there are so many, that it would be impossible to list them all here.

However, we will do our best to provide you with the most desirable areas. If you’re considering retiring to Cape Cod, getting a summer home, or moving there, we can help you find cheap regions.

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The Best Places to Live on Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a part of Barnstable County and is home to many expensive beachside homes.

If you’re looking to invest in a home in the area, you’ll want to get the best price. Below, we’ve highlighted the most affordable areas according to the cost of living.

1. West Falmouth

When stepping into West Falmouth, you’ll be overjoyed with its rural atmosphere and modern amenities.

Attractions include restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. It’s one of the most popular areas for retirees and has many family-friendly activities but also includes some highly rated public schools.

The median rent is $1,125, and the median home value at $649,600.

2. West Dennis

West Dennis

Another excellent area is West Dennis if you are looking for a suburban feel, as most areas have houses compared to apartments.

However, that doesn’t mean you will skimp out on city amenities, as there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.

For families, the schools are above average and provide a decent education. For rent, the median is $608, with the median home value being $416,400.

3. Forestdale

For those who enjoy rural areas, you may want to take a look at Forestdale. This small county is located further away from central Cape Cod and still provides a residential feel.

Although you are surrounded by nature, there are fewer “city-like” amenities. However, there are plenty of workplaces for young professionals, and the public schools are also above average.

The median rent in the area is $1,232, and the median home value is $349,500.

4. East Sandwich

East Sandwich is the oldest town on the Cape, with roots settling back to 1637. If you love immersing yourself in history along with antique stores, art galleries, and rare book stores, then you may want to consider the area.

East Sandwich

While it is a rural area, there are still good public schools for families and many retiree activities.

The median rent in the area is $1,289, and the median home value is $484,400.

5. Orleans

On the larger side, Orleans has a high population of 5,808. It’s one of the best places to live if you want a sparse suburban feel.

It’s known as the commercial hub of the Lower Cape Cod area and is one of the best places to live year-round.

The median rent is $850, while the median value is $644,000.

6. Buzzards Bay

Buzzards bay is another great rural area with a high population of people. The name “buzzard” came from when the town was first established, where an osprey bird was mistaken as a buzzard.

However, the town still has plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks to explore. The median rent is $1,303, and the median home value is $294,700.

Buzzards bay

7. Mashpee Neck

Mashpee Neck is known for its vast tourist activities and distinctive Wampanoag culture. If you’re looking for a place that has plenty to do during the summers, then you’ll love Mashpee Neck.

Although fewer people tend to live here year-round, it serves mainly as a tourist area. The median rent is $1,657, while the median home value is $392,900.

8. Sandwich

For those wanting a bustling city, you may enjoy Sandwich’s city. It has a large population of 20,286 with plenty of restaurants, shops, and parks.

Sandwich is the central area of West Sandwich. Renting in this area is $1,321, and the median home value is $382,000.

9. Wellfleet

For those wanting to be surrounded by the coast or love oysters, you’ll enjoy Wellfleet. Aside from that, the area has a wildlife sanctuary which is a popular attraction.

You’ll never get bored of things to do as there are plenty of restaurants, parks, and shopping malls.


The current median rent is $1,196, and the median home value is $522,300.

10. Chatham

Chatham is a central area known for its natural-gas, fruit-growing, and dairy district. There are also industrial industries such as auto manufacturers and fabricated metal manufacturers.

Chatham is perfect if you’re looking for a more business-focused area. The median rent is $1,110, and the median home value is $637,800.

Frequently Asked Questions: Cheap Cape Cod Living

Is Cape Cod Affordable to Live in?

Living in the Cape Code is above the national average, but not by much. Cape Cod has multiple areas, such as Hyannis, which are only 9–11% higher than the national average.

It will highly depend on the location inside of Cape Cod to determine if it’s affordable or not.

Is it Expensive to Live on Cape Cod?

Many people believe that Cape Cod is very expensive to live in. However, that is not true. Cape Cod has very affordable areas that are only slightly above the national average.

cape cod

Avoiding prime locations can help ensure that it’s not too expensive.

Is Cape Cod Good for Retirement?

Cape Cod is a popular retirement location for those residing in the United States. Factors that influence this include milder weather, nature, and outdoor leisure and indoor activities.

Attractions such as beaches, golf courses, and shopping are some reasons why it’s a popular retirement location.

Can You Live on Cape Cod Year-Round?

There is an active community of residents who live there year-round. There are plenty of amenities, including events, classes, exhibits, and recreation.

However, fewer people will be there, as people tend to be more active on Cape Cod during the summer.

The main reason for this is because of the weather. If you tend to want a cooler atmosphere, then we suggest living in Cape Cod during the off months.

However, if you enjoy hot weather, then you will enjoy peak summer when the beaches are amazing.


Finding an affordable place to live in Cape Cod can be difficult. Still, the housing market isn’t all listed in the millions.

Barnstable County

Sure, you may not get a beachfront house in the city’s center. However, you can find plenty of beautiful places that are perfectly reasonable in price.

Tips to remember include looking at areas that aren’t around the ocean. Aside from that, also look for areas in Barnstable County that aren’t close to central Cape Cod.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand a bit more about the cheapest place to live on Cape Cod.