The 10 Best Yoga Studios in California

Yoga is part of a growing culture of healthy living. With sedentary jobs, it’s no wonder so many people feel the need to stretch.

The best yoga studios in California are also some of the best in the world. They benefit from top yoga instructors and all of the indoors and outdoors facilities you can dream of.

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10. Camarillo Yoga Center

Image: Camarillo Yoga Center

If you live in Camarillo, you have all the reasons to start yoga classes. The Camarillo Yoga Center is an award-winning studio with meditation classes. You can try it out with a free first class to see if it suits your style.

If you’re new to yoga, you can also find your place at Camarillo. The first step towards mastering it is to simply signup to the yoga fundamentals workshop, which is held regularly at Camarillo for free.

9. The Green Yogi

Image: The Green Yogi

If you live in Manhattan Beach, The Green Yogi is the place to relax and improve physical health. The practical part about this studio is that it allows you to join a single class for $2 without a monthly subscription plan.

Since online learning is gaining popularity, yoga can’t be overlooked for home-based exercise. The Green Yogi is one of the few studios running regular online classes. It allows you to continue your yoga practice when you can’t make it to the studio.

8. Corepower Yoga

Image: Corepower Yoga

Corepower Yoga is a hardcore Los Angeles studio. It’s not a place for beginners. Classes here add weights and beginners might struggle to maintain a perfect stretch while holding a 10lbs weight.

If you’re already experienced in your yoga practice, you might be thinking about becoming an instructor. Corepower Yoga is also one of the places offering instructor training. You will go through 200 hours of training before becoming licensed as a registered yoga instructor.

7. Set and Flow

Image: Set and Flow

If you leave close to North La Brea Ave in LA, you might want to take a look at Set and Flow studio. It’s also one of the quirkiest yoga studios as its classes are held in high 90-100 degrees heat.

Power Flow is the class to follow at Set and Flow as a beginner. When you start to feel a bit more confident in your yoga skills, you can turn towards Power Flow II which gives you access to full-body challenging postures.

6. Studio Surya Yoga

Image: Studio Surya Yoga

Venice residents can hop on a class of restorative flow at Studio Surya Yoga. The studio even holds prenatal yoga training classes.

If you’re new to yoga, you need to join one of the beginner classes at the studio. Most beginner classes are held every day from Monday to Friday at 9 AM. If you’re a professional, you can also opt for the only beginner evening class held Thursday at 7:30 PM and Sunday at 6:30 PM.

5. Warrior & Co

Image: Warrior & Co

For elite-level training, you can join Woodland Hills’ Warrior & Co studio. It features heated and unheated rooms as well as unique yoga for athletes and HIIT yoga classes.

Gentle classes in non-heated rooms are popular at the studio. When you start to get in shape and your mobility improves, you can turn towards the more demanding classes such as Warrior Flow 1 and Warrior Flow 2. These classes are fast-paced compared to Gentle yoga classes.

4. Ma Yoga

Image: Ma Yoga

Ma Yoga studios are found around Orange County and Los Angeles. They specialize in pre-natal yoga and they pride themselves with a strong community spirit.

3. Red Diamond Yoga Studio

Image: Red Diamond Yoga Studio

Red Diamond Yoga studio borrows community concepts from gyms and CrossFit boxes. You can expect to meet a close community here and make new friends on your yoga journey. This is easy when you take into account the studio holds themed classes frequently. Most of them are held at an 82-degree temperature.

Classes are held every day at nearly any hour at Red Diamond. Basics, intermediate flow, and strength flow classes are popular options. If you’re stressed out at work, Red Diamond is also the place to relax. You can book a yoga class with a massage to restore your energy levels.

Yoga Sculpt is another interesting class that pushes you a bit further as it’s made to tone up muscles. A hybrid class only found at Red Diamond is yogalates. It combines yoga elements with pilates for better core stability and strength.

2. Yoga to the People

Image: Yoga to the People

For those who want to practice yoga on a budget or for free, Yoga for the People in San Francisco is just the right place to be. You can leave a $10 donation at the end of each class, but this is entirely up to you. Most attendees here prefer to join classes just because of the high windows which allow natural light to make its way fully into the studio.

Yoga to the people is known for its down to earth instructors and the hand-on approach they take with adjustments. Since it’s a donation-based studio, Yoga to the People is rather volatile as a business. However, it does have unique advantages to other chain-type studios. For example, it offers arguably the prettiest studios in the state of California which is what drew in initial yoga practitioners.

1. One Down Dog

Image: One Down Dog

With multiple locations across LA including Silver Lake, One Down Dog is a serious studio for the average and advanced yoga practitioners. They even hold music-driven classes which are a lot of fun as you get to synchronize your moves with those in the class in a smooth way for the best body sculpting.

Various yoga classes are held at the studio for those with very specific needs. For example, it’s one of the studios centered on post-natal yoga. One-on-one yoga sessions can also be booked here. Sweat classes are the most popular, however. This high energy class with energetic music is where most try to get after a long day at work. Booking a spot at these classes isn’t complicated as One Down Dog has its own smartphone classes app.