The 10 Best Bungee Jumping Locations in the World

From the Islands of Vanuatu to the high mountains of Switzerland, the best bungee jumping locations in the world impress even experienced jumpers.

This article looks at some of the best locations for jumps when you’re already familiar with bungee jumping. If you’re new to extreme sport, you might need to get some experience before trying out these jaw-dropping locations yourself.

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10. Macau Tower, China

Jumping from a height of 233 meters is certainly terrifying. This is the tallest jump in China and the second tallest in the world which makes you think about just the type of jumper you find here. Most of those coming to Macau Tower are experienced bungee jumpers who know exactly what to expect when looking down from such heights.

9. Contra Dam, Switzerland

Without a doubt, the Contra Dam Bridge in Switzerland is a wonder of modern architecture. Sitting hundreds of meters above the ground between 2 steep mountains, this dam became the scene of bungee jumping for the enthusiasts. You will enjoy one of the best views in Europe here. High up the Swiss Alps, the air is cold but the views are the most breathtaking.

8. Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

Located in the Italian part of the country in Ticino, the Verzasca Dam is another world-class bungee jumping location. This might be one of the most expensive experiences on our list, but it’s worth trying it out at least once in this lifetime. It’s a long way to free fall here and you shouldn’t suffer from cold feet high on the jumping platform. Most people free fall here for almost 8 seconds, which seems a long longer when you’re actually off the bungee jumping platform.

7. Rio Grande Bridge, New Mexico

Image: Wikimedia / Daniel Schwen

High up above the rugged New Mexico landscape in the US is the Rio Grande Bridge. You don’t simply walk up to the bridge in the hope to jump on a certain day here. Instead, you make a booking with the company that organizes bungee jumping events here so that you can be ready in a few months without the need to wait for eternity for a memorable experience. The bridge itself can be visited anytime but the jumping crew is going to be there a few times per year so that you can enjoy jumping in one of the most arid landscapes you fan in.

6. Europabrücke, Austria

Image: Wikimedia / PeterGerstbach

If you like the idea of bungee jumping from a great height between high mountains and with high speed, the Europe Bridge in Austria seems to be unmatched. It sits nearly 200 meters above the ground making it one of the best destinations for heart-stopping memories. Furthermore, this entire region of Austria is world-renowned for its extreme sports and you can pair it with an excellent downhill ride on the nearby trails for memories that last for life.

5. Artuby Bridge, France

Similar to Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa, Artuby Bridge is situated in France and it sits 182 meters above the Artuby River. If you’re visiting Cote d’Azur with its sunny drives and the high number of tourists, you can stop here to bungee jump off this bridge with its permanent platform. The views here are also spectacular and the high summer heat in the area means that almost any day from June to August is going to bring perfect weather conditions for the experience.

4. Kölnbrein Dam, Austria

Image: Wikimedia / Franz Egger

This incredible dam is found high on the picture-perfect Alps. It represents one of the pride of Austria as specialists bungee jumping firms come here to lift jumpers with a crane high up into the sky instead of adding the classic edge platform for the jump. You’ll be free falling for around 150 meters here and you’ll get to see some of the most beautiful mountains in Europe from a new perspective.

3. Bhote Kosi River, Nepal

Image: Wikimedia / Sudan Shrestha

The bungee jumping experience above the Bhote Kosi River in Nepal is one of the most affordable in the world. You can easily book a jump here with one of the local companies. Most people come here to see one of the highest suspension bridges in the world. But you can come here to see the fantastic bridge when free-falling for a few seconds. Location high up mountains in areas with no pollution, this bridge is what you can consider a truly raw experience.

2. Navajo Bridge, Arizona

Sitting above the Colorado River, the Navajo Bridge is built at a height of just over 140 meters. It is an engineering masterpiece and one of the few metal bridges at this height that you can bungee jump from. For most daredevils, it can be one of the best locations to try out especially since it’s located in the United States. When you’re done with the experience, you can continue your outdoor adventure on these rocky highlands by visiting the nearby Grand Canyon where you can also take up various other heart-stopping activities or simply camp to relax after jumping from Navajo Bridge.

1. Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, China

This bridge incredibly sits 260 meters above ground level. It is the highest bungee jump in the world and only experienced jumpers should venture out here. But your adrenaline levels are going to be high even before you jump.

The bridge is made out of metal but it features a glass floor. This is why it can be one of the most pressing bridges to walk on as you see the valley underneath your feet. At a height of 260 meters, it can’t be easy for those easily suffering from lightheadedness. Its approximate height of over 800 feet above ground level makes this jump the longest free-falling jump in the world.

But you can also use it to truly appreciate the wonders of modern engineering with this suspension bridge that connects to 2 mountain peaks and which uses walkable glass panels. Right underneath the bridge, there’s a permanent bungee jumping platform that is made only for those that are courageous.