The 10 Best Glamping Spots in California

California is a true land of opportunity for outdoor fans. Glamping is rising here. The term refers to ‘glamorous camping’ and what can be truly superior to coastal landscape or treehouses above wine yards?

But California is also a state of contrasts. Blessed with forests and rivers, it also features arid glamping locations for a change of scenery. For both residents and visitors, it can be the entire US meshed in a single state. If you’re an experienced glamper, the state has endless options which are mostly up to you to choose from. If you’re new to glamping, here’s where to start in The Golden State.

10. Redwood Treehouse In The Santa Cruz Mountains

Image: Star Redwood Treehouse

Rosewood Treehouse is found in California’s famous wine country. Your glamping journey could not start better as this treehouse even has its own bathtub. You don’t have to invest too much for these luxuries either.

While it offers home-style pampering, the spot still reminds you that you’re out in nature. There are 2 trees right inside. Right on the banks of the Russian River, it offers breathtaking views you can enjoy alone or with your family.

9. Canyon Cedar Cabins

Image: El Capitan Canyon

If you aren’t sure which type of cabin you want to choose, you can turn to Canyon Cedar Cabins for a few good options. It’s here that your budget can take you to different places. From basic wood cabins to fully-pampered cabins with bathtubs, you can find what works for you depending on your budget.

You might also want to choose your cabin depending on the number of glampers you travel with. If you’re out with friends and family, you can stay at the Corral Loft which accommodates a double room and a triple room in the loft.

8. Ventana Big Sur

Image: Ventana Big Sur

The 20-acre ground site at Redwood Canyon has plenty to offer to the experienced glamper. It even features the newly popular propane fire pit on the deck where you can relax in the evening together with your partner.

Ventana Big Sure brands itself as the place ‘that sparks imagination’. It’s certainly more than that. There’s wine waiting for you, lanterns, towels, hot tubs, and everything you can think of. The picnic tables around the camp also prove popular for those tired of the same old amenities in hotels.

7. Russian River Autocamp

Image: Autocamp

We love the Russian River and all the activities it offers for all ages. Next to the river in the wine country, you find the Russian River Autocamp. These camps use decorated Airstreams and luxury tents to offer a unique glamping experience that’s mostly about the great location.

You can take a day to read or to relax here. If you want to get away from camp, there’s certainly plenty to do around. Both the Russian River and Napa Valley are great options to spend the day.

6. The Rising Moon Yurt with Vineyard Views Sebastopol

Image: The Rising Moon Yurt

The Rising Moon Yurt is found close to Sebastopol in California. The place might look like a yurt but it offers some of the best conditions such a glamping location can offer. It accommodates 2 people even if there’s room for 2 more.

A large queen size bed is on offer. It also features a heater and air conditioning as well as internet connectivity. But many people prefer to spend their evenings outdoors where they admire the stars from the nearby hot tub.

5. Treebones Resort Big Sur

Image: Treebones Resort

Yurts and other artistic accommodation options are available at Treebones on the Big Sur coast. Situated in an idyllic location, the glamping spot offers an incredible background for your social media photos with the Santa Lucia Mountains.

Apart from the intriguing modern glamping structures, you can also enjoy the sound of the waves late at night here. The sands on nearby beaches are also worth checking out as they come with a distinct purplish color.

4. The Trailer Pond in Paso Robles

Image: The Trailer Pond

True glampers always seek something completely different with every stay. Things don’t stay the same with your previous glamping experience at The Trailer Pond Paso Robles. It’s here that you can stay right inside an old trailer in the middle of a vineyard.

The location in itself is spectacular. With the efforts put in by the Alta Colina Vineyard and Winery in Paso Robles, you get the benefit of being right in the middle of the vine-making action. The trailers are of vintage profile and there’s a few of them to choose from if you book early.

3. Costanoa Lodge in Pescadero

Image: Costanoa Lodge

An entire glamping mini-city can be found in Pescadero. The Costanoa Lodge is the right place to look for a combination of luxurious cabins and tents for all budgets. There’s even a spa on the premises which allows you to sit back and relax after a long week at work.

However, the place has a luxurious twist. It has its own bar & Grill which means you won’t have to rely on sandwiches but on tasty restaurant-level meals. All of these amnesties are found in the forests of the Ano Nuevo State Park.

2. Terra Glamping on Sonoma Coast

Image: Terra Glamping

Terra Glamping is expanding to the East Coast and this means its premises are going to populate Instagram faster than most other glamping locations. There are 10 locations around California to choose from, all based on tents with fantastic views.

Luxury beds and patio furniture is found in most tents. If you’re also looking to get your body and soul revitalized, you can wake up at sunrise for a quick yoga session here as well.

1. Safari West in Santa Rosa

Image: Safari West

A true change from the traditional California glamping is the Safari West. This spot is found right in the Safari West wildlife preserve with its 1,000 animals. You are going to stay at luxury with decoration from Botswana and your private viewing deck. This unique African-inspired experience even comes with its own food so you won’t go hungry if you still don’t know how to make your own fire and barbeque.