The 10 Best November Vacation Destinations in the U.S.

The U.S. has plenty of bucket list destinations around the year. But the best November vacation destinations in the U.S. need to take the weather and local events into account.

Luckily, the country offers amazing attractions and some of the most well-kept natural wonders of the world. Here are 10 of the best destinations you can easily overlook in New York or Los Angeles.

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10. Montana

The state of Montana is one that is truly defined by natural landscapes, crisp cool rivers, and amazing outdoor activities. There’s something to do here around the year but the Daly Mansion and the Glacier National Park are the best options for you. Smart travelers always book a local tour guide for days packed with interesting activities around the national park.

9. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is famous around the world but you might not want to visit it during the hot summer days. You can still visit it in November and the best part is you can beat the crowds. This also means there are smaller prices to pay for accommodation so that you can save more for souvenirs. However, some trekking locations are off-limits from the end of November so make sure to check in advance.

8. Charleston

Charleston is a city with a rich history and so many things to visit that even a couple of weeks seem short. First, you need to go where the locals recommend and this is The Battery, a small stretch of land at the South of the city right on the Charleston Harbour featuring colonial-style Southern houses.

The Middleton Place Plantation is the oldest plantation in the country and it simply cannot be overlooked on a visit to Charleston. The Charleston Museum can also be an educational attraction. It is also known as America’s first museum and it teaches visitors about the place’s role in the Civil War.

7. Hawaii

Going to Hawaii in the summer can be very expensive. But during November, you can still explore this magnificent island on a budget. It can be one of the best locations if you love the outdoors. You can trek alongside beautiful waterfalls or simply book a luxury hotel for a low price to sit in and relax at the spa all day long. Guided activities are popular here so make sure to ask your hotel for recommendations.

6. Boston

Boston is said to be the most beautiful during the fall. Its leafy parks are now fully changed in colors from green to yellow-brown which makes the city look picture-perfect. There are plenty of tours going out to New England from here but you can also remain within city limits to take part in the Arts Festival. The restaurant scene in Boston is one of the best in the country. You’d have to be in New York to find better Italian restaurants than in Boston. Fenway Park might also be a top destination if you’re into sports.

5. Seattle

If you love nature, you might also think of Seattle as a top attraction. The city is known for its active residents with their hobbies such as camping. You can organize a tour to the Mount Rainer National Park if you want to enjoy all of the best the state has to offer. The growing street food scene is also changing in Seattle during November. With temperate temperatures of around 50-70 degrees, it’s the best time to sample local food.

4. Austin

Austin is certainly too hot during the summer for many US residents. But you can visit this inspiring Southern city by booking a trip in November. It has something for everybody but due to its economic power, it certainly offers a bit more than other similarly-sized cities.

The State Capitol can be a great place to start your Texas vacation. This historic building is the home of the state’s legislature and it impresses with its architecture and size. It’s even larger than the US Capitol in Washington DC.

3. San Diego

San Diego needs to be on your list as well. This large city offers plenty of attractions even when visiting in November. In fact, it should be less crowded as tourists coming in for its aquatic attractions should now be mostly gone.

Any San Diego tour needs to begin at the Balboa Park. This attraction is among the best in November when colors change and when there aren’t as many tourists around. The Maritime Museum is close by attraction you need to check out, especially when traveling with children. But the Belmont Park amusement center is going to be the kids’ favorite.

2. Charlotte

Charlotte is the home of NASCAR’s Hall of Fame. If you’re into motorsports, this is going to be your first stop in the city. Discovery Place is an excellent choice for the family as kids can experiment here and learn more about the surrounding world.

You can walk the historic Dilworth area of the city if you want to learn more about what inspired our homes and what they look like today. Some of the quirkiest bungalows can be found here. If you’re into shopping, you can continue your journey to Uptown, a high rise which is the second most important financial hub of the nation.

1. New Orleans

New Orleans is the city of music and street festivals. They don’t stop in November. In fact, you can start with the Caribbean Culture Festival taking place in early November. Boudin, Bourbon, and Beer is another top culinary event that takes place in the city this month. It gathers some of the best chefs around the country and some of the best craft beer producers for a tasty event.

The Bayou Classic match between Grambling State University and Southern University also takes place in November together with the famous New Orleans Battle of the Bands. The city seems to have one event after another even during November and tourists keep coming in as a result.