The 10 Biggest Zoos In Dallas

Dallas is one of the biggest cities in Texas. It has plenty to offer at its Dallas Zoo. But there are many other smaller zoos and even mobile zoos for kids’ parties that can be hired within the city. Here’s those you need to know about.

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10. Green Meadows Petting Farm

This little petting farm is one of the best in Dallas where kids can learn more about animals and how they live. Cows, pigs, and donkeys are very popular here. The location resembles a large zoo as you can walk through different areas to see various animals. But kids can also feed these animals here which makes it a bit more interesting than many would expect.

9. God’s Little Critters Pony Petting Zoo

Image: God’s Little Critters Pony Petting Zoo

Do you want a white horse at an hour’s child’s birthday party? You can book this little mobile petting zoo to make it happen. The company running the zoo also has access to multiple other exotic animals. For example, you can have them come over to your house with animals such as the South American lama. They are all properly taken care of and these animals are going to be among the cleanest you can see in Dallas.

8. Backyard Wildlife Resource

This small zoo is one of the best when you only have a couple of hours to relax with your kids. There’s no entry fee and this makes it one of the top locations to come back to as often as you want. There are various snakes, lizards, and spiders kids can see here. Most of them are safely living behind a glass wall so your kids are safe while visiting.

7. Wildlife on the Move

Wildlife on the Move is one of the local businesses which deliver an animal-watching experience on the go. You can book them for home parties or school activities. The people behind the company run it smoothly and they will also do small presentations where the little ones can learn more about certain animals such as snakes. It can also be one of the top Dallas companies to call for surprise birthday parties.

6. Ewe Pet Petting Zoo

This petting zoo is one of the best when it comes to small-scale locations where your kids can have fun and take memorable pictures at. The number of animals seen here is increasing. However, the zoo is mostly famous for its ponies that kids can ride here. Most of the ponies are also painted in vivid colors so they look even friendlier to the little ones.

5. Nanna’s Pacas

This place is known as an alpaca paradise. There are only about 20 animals here but the owner is specialized in these South American animals and you will get to learn more about them than at a zoo which keeps all types of animals. The alpacas here are very friendly since they see people coming over and feeding them all the time. You can pet the animals here but they will be behind a fence at all times so that your kids can truly be safe while admiring these cute animals.

4. The Gentle Zoo

The Gentle Zoo is another top Dallas destination for the little ones. This friendly location is known for low ticket prices and plenty of animals to pet. From large birds to alpacas, there are plenty of interesting animals to see here. You can even feed most of them if you want to get closer to the animals. The biggest reason to come here over the larger zoos in Dallas is the ability to pet the animals which makes it feel a bit friendlier and even resemble a true farm more than a zoo.

3. Monkey See Monkey Do Exotic Petting Zoo

From all of the animals, you can pet, monkeys seem to be very exotic. Kids love monkeys as they see them in cartoons from a young age. The Monkey See Monkey Do Exotic Petting Zoo is one of the best companies in the city to come with the monkeys to your house or a party location. The small monkeys that come to events are already fully sociable as they’re used to seeing people and kids of all ages.

2. The Dallas World Aquarium

Aquatic animals are popular at the Dallas World Aquarium. But this location also exhibits various other species such as rare parrots or monkeys. This is why you can consider it to be the main alternative to the large Dallas Zoo nearby. Since it’s still dedicated to marine life, this can be the leading location within the city to teach your kids more about fish and about how they live in water.

1. Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo is the main animal world attraction of the city. It features thousands of animals and it can be one of the most interesting experiences for families, couples, and even singles looking to spend a day outside.

At the moment, Dallas Zoo is operating under strict Covid-19 rules. This means all of the great restaurants on its premises are closed. It can even take a few hours to find a good meal when looking for a nearby restaurant. But the good news is that there are plenty of animals to see here. Elephants, large cats, and even fish species are seen here. Turtles remain some of the crowd’s favorites.

But the Dallas Zoo is also one of the biggest in the country. The thousands of species found here make it almost impossible to fully enjoy in a single day. Most visitors from the city and nearby areas are recommended to get a membership. This allows multiple monthly visits at a reduced price which is always a major plus, especially in a city with so many large and small zoos that can be expensive to visit with the family. Kids also get to see some exotic animals here such as lions which can’t be raised by other small zoos due to safety and space considerations.