Are Tigers Scared Of Humans?

Tigers are typically scared of humans, and usually avoid contact – especially when facing groups of people. Tigers still live in the wild, and prefer to live in forested areas where they have natural shelter. They will rarely wander off into cities and villages.

Read on to learn more about whether tigers are scared of humans – and if we should be scared of them.

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Will Tigers Attack or Kill People?

The highest number of humans attacked or killed by tigers is in India, where over 1,700 tigers live in the country’s national parks. However, it is rare that tigers will actually go in for an attack. Tigers prefer keeping to themselves, and tend to avoid people

In some rare cases, tigers aren’t afraid of humans, and may attack or kill when provoked. These may include:

1. Protecting Their Cubs

Tigers protecting their cubs are always ready to attack and kill humans. Never approach tiger cubs in the wild, as their parents are almost always close by and ready to attack. They are very protective of their offspring (unlike lions, who often kill their young).

2. Hunger

A tiger typically hunts for a large prey once per week, and it can take days for tigers to be hungry again. That being said, if a tiger is hungry, it may leave its natural habitat in search of food – and it won’t hesitate to kill for food.

3. Lack of Their Ability to Hunt

Tigers who can’t run after fast animals might see humans as their only prey. These may include old or wounded tigers, and tigers in their teen years who may be inexperienced when it comes to hunting.

If you’re traveling to places where tigers are common, stay within densely-populated areas. You don’t have to venture out into the wild to see these majestic animals. Plan a visit to see tigers safely at some of the biggest tiger zoos in the world.