What Is the Biggest Mall in Columbus, Ohio?

The biggest mall in Columbus, Ohio is the Easton Town Center and includes over 1.6 million square feet of retail locations, a movie theater, and dining.

The city of Columbus has a population of just over 800,000 people, and approximately 13 to 15 colleges and universities in or around it.

As an industrial and university and college town, there are many malls in Columbus to service the population, with some close to the Easton Gateway in size, but not over 1 million square feet.

The biggest mall in Columbus is the Easton Town Center. It is a mall that attracts tens of millions of shoppers and visitors every year and is home to a movie theater, many kinds of dining, and hundreds of stores.

This mall is an ideal mall for the population of Columbus, which is just under 900 thousand people large, and a city home to many colleges and universities.

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What is the Easton Town Center?

Easton Town Center Apple S

The Easton Town Center is the biggest mall in Columbus, Ohio. In a good year, it attracts over 30 million shoppers annually.

It is over 1.6 million square feet in size and home to 300 retail locations.

The Easton Town Center is attractive to Columbus residents and visitors alike. It has an Apple Store that can help with both repair and retail needs, wireless carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile, and a number of retail fashion outlets that any avid shopper would love.

The Easton Town Center offers brand-name shopping and fashion for every budget. It also offers a 30-seat movie theater.

Additionally, fast-food and formal dining options are abundant, including choices from various international cuisines.

How long has the Easton Town Center been open?

The Easton Town Center has been serving Columbus, Ohio, since 1999. It was built to look like a small town in the middle of a medium-sized city.

It is comprised of a number of buildings – and even streets – to create a mall and town center that Columbus could be proud of.

This Town Center is just that: a center with fountains, grids, street loops, and buildings that make shopping here organized and easy.

Town Center

Many of the buildings have been made to look the same. The mall includes department stores such as brands that include Macy’s and Nordstrom’s, and a number of other high-level brands.

What is the history of the Easton Town Center?

The history of the Easton Town Center is that it was originally an extension of a mall known as Limited Brands.

Today, it is a town center with a grid that offers more than just shopping. Here you will find outdoor concerts, events during the holidays, and fountains where wishes are made and might even come true.

The Town Center was built to be mostly an outdoor mall and includes a Station Building, parking garages, and a movie theater.

It was originally intended to be an outdoor center, one of the first in the United States, but has since grown into something that everybody in the city can use.

The first phase of the Easton Town Center was developed in 1999 and was home to Columbus, Ohio’s, first Hollister that opened its doors in 2000.

The Fashion District in the North End of Easton Town Center was developed by 2001 and hosts a large fountain.

The Easton Gateway came next, but much later by 2015, and is home to a number of service tenants such as Costco.

What is the next biggest mall in Columbus, Ohio?

Columbus, Ohio

The next biggest mall in Columbus, Ohio is the Mall at Tuttle Crossing, which encompasses 1.1 million square feet.

For many in Columbus, the Mall at Tuttle Crossing is the best mall. This mall has been open since 1997 and has over 120 stores for the people of Columbus and the thousands of visitors it sees annually.

In addition to retail, the Mall at Tuttle Crossing has exceptional dining for both local and international food.

Its official address is in Dublin, Ohio, but many consider it to be a location in northern Columbus.

What is the third biggest mall in Columbus, Ohio?

The third biggest mall in Columbus, Ohio is the Eastland Mall, which is just under one million square feet in size.

This is also an indoor mall for the people of Columbus. It was known for its high-brand stores such as Lazarus, Macy’s, JCPenney, and Sears, but those have since closed.

The Eastland Mall may have lost some significant business over the years, but it still is home to thriving tenants, a food court, and more.

It is also considered the oldest enclosed mall in Columbus and was built in 1968. Today, 900 thousand square feet make up this single-story mall.

The mall was purchased by a Realty Trust organization in 2003, the Glimcher Realty Trust. This company also owns Polaris Fashion Place, another of the largest malls in Columbus.

By 2012, Glimcher had been defaulting on the mortgage and the property sold, resulting in multiple retail store closures at the mall, including Macy’s and Sears.

What is the Polaris Town Center in Columbus, Ohio?


The Polaris Town Center in Columbus, Ohio, is the fourth-largest mall in the city. It is often confused as the largest mall in Columbus because it is a popular mall for visitors as well.

On a busy day, it can serve hundreds of thousands of shoppers in its 730,365 square feet.

The Polaris Town Center is a two-level mall off of I-71 in Columbus. The Eastland anchor stores of JCPenney and Macy’s came to the Polaris Town Center and were joined by other anchor stores, Saks Fifth Avenue and Von Maur.

This is a family-oriented mall with strollers to rent, free Wi-Fi, play areas, and even rides for children.

When the mall opened, it had just over 100 stores and is home to over 140 stores today. This is also a mall that has been home to two separate shooting incidents, both in March of 2021 and just over one week apart.

Overall, however, the mall and the city of Columbus are fairly safe.

Are there big-box malls in Columbus, Ohio?

Big box stores are considered among the biggest kind of stores in the country, due to their square footage and the type of products that they sell.

Yes, there is one big box mall in Columbus, Ohio. It is home to approximately 15 stores and the Phoenix Theater.

Barnes & Noble

The entire mall is approximately 373 thousand square feet and houses stores such as Old Navy, Marshalls, Petco, and Barnes & Noble.

Along with the year-round population of the city of Columbus, Ohio, the Lennox Town Center also serves Ohio State University, which is adjacent to the mall.

This would be considered a big box mall, but there are big box stores such as Costco located elsewhere in Columbus, Ohio.

What are the other malls in Columbus?

Columbus, Ohio, is not a very large town. It is a city with a population of less than one million and a student population in the tens of thousands.

There are other shopping malls that this entire city population enjoys, though they aren’t as large as the ones mentioned here.

One is the Columbus Square Mall, which is an average American mall with popular retail brands and some dining.

It also offers wide parking space options not found in other malls in Columbus. Additionally, there are four cinemas on the property that the people of the city enjoy.

A Gateway University District Mall is another favorite of students and Columbus residents alike.

This mall is closer to the style of students, and also offers bustling nightlife and frequent live events.

It also offers student-centered outlets such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Figleaf Boutique.

What is the Tanger Outlet Mall?

Tanger Outlet Mall

Every city has its own outlet mall, and Columbus is no exception. The Tanger Outlet Mall is a small outlet mall with just over 350,000 square feet.

It is considered a mall with exclusive stores, as it caters to run-of-the-mill designer fashion and retail and high-end luxury brands.

It is the place to go if you have high-end tastes, though. In addition to the high-end retail, there is high-end dining.

This shopping experience is not for the budget shopper, but some good deals can still be found here.

What is the Graceland Shopping Center?

The Graceland Shopping Center is another lovely mall in the Columbus, Ohio, area, and has been operating in Columbus since 1954.

This mall is a fair size, with over 453 thousand square feet and modern amenities and stores that are on-trend.

This is another shopping center in Columbus that offers a wide selection of both retail and dining options in a shopping center.

Entertainment is also available in this shopping center, with games and activities, and events for people of all ages.

This is a shopping center you will want to spend the day at.

Start shopping in Columbus, Ohio

Shopping in Columbus, Ohio

The biggest mall in Columbus, Ohio, is the Easton Town Center.

For a city with less than one million in population, Columbus, Ohio has no shortage of shopping options.

The shopping here is not always about burning through your money, either.

Columbus, Ohio, is near 15 different colleges and universities and is home to Ohio State University. The student budget is also considered and reflected in the prices here.

When you want to check out some of the most amazing malls in the state, start with Columbus, Ohio.