Which Country Is the Cheapest to Study Nursing In?

There are approximately 27 million nurses around the world with varying levels of education and experience but the same commitment to patient care and overall health.

But where are all these nurses educated? And which country is the cheapest for nursing education?

Norway is the cheapest country to study nursing because higher education at public universities is tuition-free.

Nursing students in Norway just need to pay a semester fee to cover registration and exams.

Other countries with affordable nursing programs include Sweden, Russia, Hungary, and Australia.

Keep reading to learn more about cheap nursing study programs in different countries.

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Why are nursing programs cheap in Norway?

Norway is the cheapest country for studying nursing because the public education system features tuition-free universities.

Nursing students only need to pay a semester fee for student registration, welfare services, and exams.

Compared to other countries where aspiring nurses have to either get a scholarship or go into thousands of dollars in debt, Norway is a very affordable place to get a college degree.

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Cheap nursing programs are open to Norway residents and exchange students, so Nordic countries are a good place for nurses to study abroad.

It’s just important for all aspiring nurses to understand the different certifications in each country and make sure they will be accepted, whether they want to be a nurse in Norway or elsewhere.

How much is nursing school in Norway?

Nursing school in Norway is free, along with all other professional study courses at public universities in Norway, although students need to pay a school fee each semester.

Usually, this semester fee is only about 30–60 euros, so by the time students finish their nursing degrees, they will have paid about 120–300 euros in school fees.

Remember, this tuition-free nursing school option only applies to public universities in Norway.

Nursing students enrolled at private schools will need to pay tuition, which is usually 7,000–9,000 euros a year for bachelor’s degrees.

For master’s degrees, the price is even higher around 9,000–20,000 euros/year, depending on the school.

Also, while it’s great that nursing school is so cheap at public universities in Norway, it’s important to remember that the cost of living is quite high.

For example, university students usually pay somewhere between 800 and 1,400 euros a month while living in Norway, so there are additional costs to consider.

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Is Russian nursing school cheap?

Norway is joined by many other European countries with cheap nursing school programs, including Russia.

While Russia doesn’t have the same free tuition at public schools as Norway, the overall cost of studying nursing or similar programs at Russian universities is still relatively affordable compared to other countries.

Nursing students in Russia can expect to pay between 1,475 and 10,600 euros a year, depending on how prestigious the university program is and whether it’s in a city or regional area.

In addition to the affordable cost, Russian universities are a popular choice for nursing school because they have an excellent standing in international medical research.

Some of the top Russian nursing schools with affordable tuition include the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Is Hungary good for nursing studies?

Students looking for cheap nursing schools may also want to consider Hungary, which has a few reputable universities with budget-friendly tuition fees.

A price between 2,500–3,000 euros is the average semester tuition cost for nursing bachelor’s degrees in Hungary.

The University of Pécs is one of the leading nursing schools in Hungary, although Semmelweis University, University of Szeged, and University of Debrecen are other top choices for aspiring nurses.

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Hungarian nationals and international students alike can make the most of the global nursing curriculum at these recognizable schools, especially with the relatively cheap cost of living there.

Are there cheap nursing schools in the U.K.?

Although the U.K. doesn’t have quite the same reputation for cheap nursing schools as Norway or Russia, there are still many affordable options.

U.K. nursing schools are highly regarded for their quality education and groundbreaking research, with the University of Liverpool, University of Edinburgh, and Cardiff University a few of the most popular options.

On average, earning a Bachelor of Science in nursing costs around 16,000–30,000 GBP in the U.K.

Once students graduate and get professional nursing experience, they have the potential to earn anywhere from 60,000 to 110,000 GBP.

One advantage of going to nursing school in the U.K. is that the cost of living is relatively cheap compared to a lot of other European countries.

For example, Norway has one of the highest costs of living in Europe, while the U.K. is only in the top 15.

So, although Norway’s nursing schools have cheaper tuition, it’s more expensive to actually live there compared to the U.K.

How much is nursing school in Australia?

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Nursing school in Australia is not nearly as cheap as it is in Norway or Russia, but the advantage of higher education down under is the HECS loan and student discount program.

In Australia, nursing students can take out HECS loans to cover tuition costs, and these loans don’t need to be paid back until graduates start earning a certain amount.

Current compulsory repayment thresholds for HECS loans are around $47,000, so after graduating, nurses have to make at least that much a year before their loan repayment requirements kick in.

Another benefit of going to an affordable nursing school in Australia is the internationally recognized programs at large universities such as the University of Sydney, Monash University, and Deakin University.

Is nursing school expensive in the U.S.?

U.S. college is generally more expensive than most other countries, although a wide range of financial assistance is available, such as federal or private loans and scholarships.

Prestigious Ivy League universities are the most expensive U.S. colleges, but nursing students can save money and still get a quality education at more affordable public schools and junior colleges.

Some large public universities offer $7,000–$10,000 USD tuition per year of nursing school, while private schools may cost closer to $30,000 or $40,000 annually.

Due to these rising costs, plus the requirement to start paying back most college loans right away, a lot of nursing students take introductory classes at community colleges instead.

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Also, although nursing school is not that cheap in the U.S., it is priced around the same as other areas of study, with tuition costs depending on each school.

There are over 2,600 higher education nursing programs to choose from, and then the median annual pay for registered nurses comes in at $77,600.

This means there are plenty of opportunities for aspiring nurses to invest in their professional goals.

Is nursing school worth the money?

Nursing school is a requirement for anyone who wants to be a professional nurse and pursue a long and fulfilling career in the healthcare industry.

For that reason, nursing school is worth the money for those who have a natural instinct to care for others and want to work in a hospital or similar healthcare setting.

Obtaining an associate’s, bachelor’s, or postgraduate degree in nursing opens up numerous opportunities for professional healthcare providers.

Nursing school costs depend on the location and the nursing program, with European countries like Norway, Russia, and Hungary some of the cheapest places to study nursing.

Australia and the U.S. are other popular places for nursing programs, although the upfront tuition costs are generally higher.

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Nursing students have to decide whether they want to study in their home country or go abroad to explore cheaper nursing program options.