The 30 Largest High Schools in the United States

Are you a parent looking for a high school or a student curious about large high schools in the United States?

If you’re planning to move to another state or another school, it’s best to know all possible options when it comes to education.

Clearly, every parent wants the best for their child. Choosing a school is crucial, and there are several factors to consider before making a huge decision for education.

One of the few things to think about is whether you want a big or small school. There are pros and cons to both choices.

Although small-sized schools may offer more individualized lessons and smaller student-to-teacher ratios, they may lack some facilities, events, clubs, and so on.

Unlike in small-sized schools, students can benefit from a more diverse population, a wide selection of extra-curricular activities, and better socialization, among others.

Should you decide to opt for a large school, you’ve come to the right place as this article lists the 30 largest high schools in the United States by the number of students.

The largest high school in the country is Brooklyn Technical High School of Brooklyn, New York with 5,884 students.

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The Largest High Schools in the United States

1Brooklyn Technical High School5,884
2Carmel High School5,414
3Allen High School5,391
4Cypress Bay High School4,852
5Reading High School4,724
6Waukegan High School4,609
7Paramount High School4,602
8Francis Lewis High School4,557
9Fort Hamilton High School4,550
10Broken Arrow High School4,369
11Skyline High School4,535
12Herbert H. Lehman High School4,240
13Midwood High School4,200
14Alexandria City High School4,148
15Brockton High School4,077
16Edward R. Murrow High School> 4,000
17Long Beach Polytechnic High School4,002
18Hamilton High School3,933
19Wando High School3,890
20Tottenville High School3,856
21Upper Darby Senior High School3,845
22Cherry Creek High School3,806
23Wayzata High School3,669
24Benjamin N. Cardozo High School3,510
25Passaic County Technical Institute3,466
26Coronado High School3,450
27William Mason High School3,432
28Ardrey Kell High Schoo3,352
29Pinkerton Academy3,237
30Norcross High School2,946

1. Brooklyn Technical High School – 5,884 Students

Brooklyn Technical High School

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Brooklyn Technical High School is the largest high school in the United States with 5,884 students.

The school opened in 1922 and is home to several famous alumni including Lou Ferrigno, Kim Coles, and Harry Chapin.

The students here have an average SAT score of 1960, about 300 points above the national average.

2. Carmel High School – 5,414 Students

Carmel High School is a public high school located in Carmel, Indiana. Known as the Greyhounds, it was founded in 1869 under the Carmel Clay Schools school district.

The school offers grades 9–12 with a student-to-teacher ratio of 18 and a teaching staff of 291.

3. Allen High School – 5,391 Students

Allen High School is a public co-educational high school established in 1910. The school is known as the Home of the Allen Eagles and has one of the top football programs in Texas.

Allen High School

Bobby Evans, Jalen Guyton, and Tejan Koroma are some of its notable NFL alumni.

4. Cypress Bay High School – 4,852 Students

Cypress Bay High School is one of the top schools in the country with a consistent FCAT school grade of A.

It is located in Weston in Florida and is home to 4,852 students. The school ranked 21st in U.S. News’ best high school rankings.

5. Reading High School – 4,724 Students

Established in 1927, Reading High School currently has 4,727 total enrollment and 246 teaching staff.

Also known as the Castle on The Hill, it is a public high school located in Reading Pennsylvania, offering grades 9–12.

Some of the notable alumni the school produced are Maurio McCoy, Hames Bryant, Thomas Caltagirone, and Donyell Marshall.

Reading Pennsylvania

6. Waukegan High School – 4,609 Students

Opened in 1870, Waukegan High School is a public school in Waukegan, Illinois with 4,609 learners.

Most of its student population is Hispanic, with a percentage of 79.2%, followed by Black 14%, and White 3.5%.

It is a coed public school with an average class size of 20.4.

7. Paramount High School – 4,602 Students

Paramount High School is one of the largest high schools in the United States with a student population of 4,602.

The students are divided into two campuses: West Campus for ninth grade and Senior Campus for 10th to 12th.

Principal Elizabeth Salcido handles the Senior Campus, whereas Principal Damon Dragos handles the West Campus.

8. Francis Lewis High School – 4,557 Students

Francis Lewis

Francis Lewis High School was established in 1960, located in Fresh Meadows in New York. In numbers, there are 210 faculty staff and 4,557 students.

The campus is approximately 1.5 acres and has produced several notable alumni including journalist Peter Guttman, producer Steve Greenberg, and former Nickelodeon president Albie Hecht.

9. Fort Hamilton High School – 4,550 Students

Fort Hamilton High School is a public high school located in Brooklyn, New York. It was established in 1941 and currently has 250 faculty members handling grades 9–12.

In 2019, it was estimated to have 4,550 students, ranking it the ninth-largest high school in the country.

10. Broken Arrow High School – 4,369 Students

Situated in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Broken Arrow High School has 4,369 learners with 208 faculty staff.

The school is a part of the Broken Arrow Public Schools and first opened its doors in 1910. Eventually, new buildings were built in 1952 and 1983, and a football stadium in 2010.

11. Skyline High School – 4,535 Students

Skyline High School was established in 1970 under Dallas ISD. It currently has 4,535 students, 328 staff, and 285 faculty members.

The school is known as the Raiders and holds the colors Columbia blue and crimson red.

12. Herbert H. Lehman High School – 4,240 Students

Opened in 1970, Herbert H. Lehman High School had its first graduating class in 1974. It is a public secondary high school with 4,240 learners.

Cardi B, Doug Marrone, French Montana, and T.J. Rivera are some of its few famous alumni.

13. Midwood High School – 4,200 Students

Ivy League colleges

Midwood High School has approximately 4,200 students, of which most are Asian, followed by Black Americans.

The school is known to send students to renowned colleges including Ivy League colleges, New York University, and Boston College.

They are known for their CUNY Brooklyn College partnership, advanced placement courses, and Intel Science Talen Search Competition.

14. Alexandria City High School – 4,148 Students

Originally known as T.C. William High School, Alexandria City High School is the 14th largest high school by students in the country with a total enrollment of 4,148.

It is a public high school founded in 1965 in Alexandria, Virginia. The school offers various programs including five foreign languages, Army Junior ROTC, and Advanced Placement courses.

15. Brockton High School – 4,077 Students

From 125 to 4,077 students, Brockton High School is one of the largest high schools in the United States situated in Brockton, Massachusetts.

It opened its doors in 1870 and now offers grades 9–12 with a student-to-teacher ratio of 16. Since 1972, the school has been participating in the MIAA – Division 1 and has won 11 championship games.

16. Edward R. Murrow High School – > 4,000 Students

Edward R. Murrow High School is a public school focused on theater, music, arts, and sports. It was established in 1974 and founded by Allen Barge.

The student population is a mix of White, Black American, Asian, Hispanic, and a few Native Americans.

Moreover, students can expect a student-teacher ratio of 30 to 1.

17. Long Beach Polytechnic High School – 4,002 Students

Located in Long Beach, California, Long Beach Polytechnic High School is home to 4,002 students.

 academics and sports

It was established in 1985 and currently has 160 faculty staff. Their known motto is “Home of Scholars and Champions” as they are notable for academics and sports.

18. Hamilton High School – 3,933 Students

Hamilton High School has 3,933 learners, making it the largest high school in Arizona. The student population is composed of 1,056 ninth graders, 1,033 10th graders, 962 11th graders, and 882 12th graders.

In overall academic statistics, Hamilton High School ranks 23rd in Arizona and 1,590th in the entire United States.

Some of the most notable alumni and faculty of the school are mostly NFL players such as Steve Belles, Darryl Clack, and Zach Bauman.

19. Wando High School – 3,890 Students

Wando High School is a public high school established in 1973 in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina with about 3,890 students enrolled in the 110-acre campus.

Some of the school’s well-known alumni are actress Amanda Baker, soccer player Hannah Betfort, and NFL linebacker Gimel President.

Wando High School is the fifth-best school in South Carolina and 849th in the United States according to U.S. News Best High School rankings.

20. Tottenville High School – 3,856 Students

Founded in 1898, Tottenville High School has a student population of 3,856, with an average class size of 34 and a student-teacher ratio of 17.25.

Melani Iglesias

Some of their notable alumni are Emmanual Akah of AFL, comedian Mike Bocchetti, and model Melani Iglesias.

In numbers, Tottenville High School ranks 7,016th in the national rankings and 591st in New York schools based on the U.S. News Best High School list.

21. Upper Darby Senior High School – 3,845 Students

Located in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, Upper Darby Senior High School is the 21st largest high school in the country with 3,845 diverse students.

About 51% of the student population is Black, 1,949 are male and 1,896 are female. It was established in 1895 and presently has 233 faculty members and Kelley Simone as the principal.

Moreover, the school offers various extracurricular activities and has a 1,800-seat theater, the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center

22. Cherry Creek High School – 3,806 Students

Cherry Creek High School was established in 1955 and is among the largest public high schools in Colorado with 3,806 students.

Its campus is about 80 acres with four buildings and 170 classrooms, situated in Greenwood Village in Colorado.

tennis court

Moreover, it is also home to two football fields, eight tennis courts, and a baseball diamond.

23. Wayzata High School – 3,669 Students

With a total of 3,669 enrollees, Wayzata High School is the 23rd largest in the United States and the largest secondary school in Minnesota.

Established in 1857, it is a comprehensive public high school located in Plymouth in the state of Minnesota.

According to Newsweek’s America’s Top High Schools 2015, Wayzata High School ranked 150th with a college readiness score of 82.5 and a graduation rate of 99.4%.

24. Benjamin N. Cardozo High School – 3,510 Students

Benjamin N. Cardozo High School has a total of 3,510 students and 143 staff. It is a public high school located in Bayside, New York, and is known to offer classes related to law and humanities.

Dalilah Muhammad

Former NBA player Rafer Alston, athlete Dalilah Muhammad, rapper Jap Pak, and entrepreneur Elissa Shevinksy are some famous people who studied here.

Overall, Benjamin N. Cardozo High School ranks 211th in New York High Schools and 2,151st in the national rankings of U.S. News Best High Schools.

25. Passaic County Technical Institute – 3,466 Students

Passaic County Technical Institute is a vocational public high school with 3,466 students and 343 faculty staff.

At present, they offer 14 schools in the fields of finance, IT, health and medical science, business, applied technology, automotive, communication arts, construction technology, cosmetology, culinary arts, education, engineering, performing arts, criminal justice, and STEM.

Some of the school’s notable alumni are Mike Adams, Gerald Hayes, and Marcel Shipp.

26. Coronado High School – 3,450 Students

Named after Francisco de Coronado, Coronado High School is a public high school home to 3,450 students in Henderson, Nevada.

The school is known for its Coronado Cougar Pride Marching Band which has 130 members who compete in the Bands of America.


They offer various extra-curricular activities as well from robotics to theater and choir.

27. William Mason High School – 3,432 Students

With 3,432 learners, William Mason High School is the largest high school by student enrollment in Ohio.

The school is nestled on a 73-acre campus which consists of an Olympic-sized pool, six basketball courts, and Mason Community Center.

They offer several programs and courses such as AP courses, athletics, College Credit Plus, orchestra, arts, and theater.

28. Ardrey Kell High School – 3,352 Students

Ardrey Kell High School has 3,352 students enrolled and 156 faculty staff. It is a public school in Charlotte, North Carolina that was established in 2006.

Some of the most well-known people who studied here are soccer player Giuseppe Gentile, NFL player Prince Shembo, and professional wrestler Tessa Blanchard.

29. Pinkerton Academy – 3,237 Students

Pinkerton Academy is a public non-profit high school established in 1814 in Derry, New Hampshire.

Based on the U.S. News Best High School rankings, the school ranks 48th in the state and 8,698th in national rankings.

With a total of 3,237 students, Pinkerton Academy is the largest high school in the state of New Hampshire and the 29th largest in the United States.

30. Norcross High School – 2,946 Students

Georgia HS

With 2,946 students, Norcross High School of Georgia is the 30th largest high school in the United States.

At present, Norcross High School has a 444,000-sq ft campus at 5300 Spalding Drive with 172 teaching staff for grades 9-12.

Some of the school’s classes offered are Advanced Placement courses, 3DE by Junior Achievement, and International Baccalaureate.