How Much do Truck Drivers Make in Texas?

The trucking industry never appears to see a slump, and in Texas, the demand is always high. Truck driving opportunities range from lots to local and long-distance routes.

The salaries vary as well and rank among the highest in the country.

Earnings are one of the main reasons both males and females gravitate toward truck driving jobs in Texas. However, how much do they earn, and is it worth it? If the most popular job sites reports are accurate, it sure is!

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, has the highest median earnings for a truck driver at $58,937 per year. However, the median truck driver salary for the state, in general, is $45,260.

Truck driver earnings in Texas

Salaries vary based on the city, experience, and types of trucking jobs that the driver does.

Truck drivers within the Dallas-Fort Worth area can expect to make an extra $2,656 each year, ranging from $205 to $34,487 on average.

Calculations for truck driver salaries inside the Dallas-Fort Worth district came from data comprising 1,420 workers’ contributions.

So why is there such a vast difference in wages across the state? Also, why do truck drivers earn so much money? Well, you have to understand what truck drivers do, which we describe in detail below.

What does a truck driver do in Texas?

Truck Drivers

To make a living, truck drivers have to drive a truck and transfer various items and supplies. In most cases, they follow a set itinerary that connects retail and distribution hubs or factories.

They are crucial to developed countries because they transport commodities and materials over long and short distances.

Tractor-trailers transport freight and their drivers are familiar with attaching and detaching the cabs from their trailers and also with general maintenance like replacing a tire.

When heading up or down a steep gradient, drivers learn to keep the brakes cool and prevent loads from shifting during turns.

The role of experienced truck drivers

Truck drivers, who are well-versed in securely operating the car and its freight while considering the vehicle’s magnitude, utilize multi-gear transmission trucks.

They’re supposed to keep a journal of their long shifts and deliver their wares in good condition and on schedule.

They are in charge of the manifest sheets, which they cross-check against the contents of the truck, as well as the actual loading and unloading of the vehicle. To become a truck driver, you must be at least 21 years old.

You need to pass the Department of Transportation physical exam, as well as meet or surpass the health conditions placed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a requirement.

What are the job titles for Texas truck drivers?

Job titles Texas truck drivers
  • Class A
  • Class B CDL truck driver
  • Truck driver
  • Dump truck driver
  • Fuel truck driver
  • Box truck driver
  • Truck Driver Run OTR
  • OTR CDL Truck Driver
  • Tank Truck Driver
  • Bulk Truck Driver
  • Semi-Truck Driver
  • Tow Truck Driver
  • Commercial Truck Driver
  • Route Truck Driver:

What is the highest salary for a Texas truck driver?

The highest salary for a truck driver in Texas is $95,866 per year, with a truck driver supervisor III earning between $82,660 and $112,367.

Depending on where you live and a host of other criteria, such as the level of schooling and experience in your chosen field, your salary can vary substantially.

Employees who drive merchandise to and from specific destinations are supervised by a truck driver supervisor III (TDS III). These individuals are responsible for ensuring that business vehicles are correctly loaded and unloaded at their respective locations.

What are truck driver supervisor responsibilities?

As a truck driver supervisor III, you are responsible for scheduling drivers and assigning routes to enhance efficiency. Those in lower middle management can eventually become a level III supervisor who has complete control.

A specialized bachelor’s degree might be necessary for truck driver supervisor III.

What duties do truck driving supervisors have?

Truck drivers supervisor

It is the responsibility of the truck driver supervisor III to oversee the work of a group of mainly paraprofessional employees. In high-volume administrative and manufacturing situations, this position may also be above a supervisor’s.

The supervisor makes daily decisions for a group or a small department inside a larger organization. This person has a degree of control over personnel decisions and an in-depth understanding of the department’s procedures.

A minimum of three to five years of experience as an individual contributor in a truck driving-related field is usually required to become a truck driver supervisor III.

What is the lowest salary for a Texas truck driver?

Drivers starting at the most basic level, meaning no certifications or experience, earn the lowest salary in Texas. They usually earn approximately $13.15 an hour or $27,350 a year.

What is the average CDL driver salary in Texas?

As of December 27, 2021, the average income for a commercial truck driver (CDL) in Texas is $54,190, while the range is generally between $47,790 and $62,090.

Depending on where you live and a host of other criteria, such as the level of schooling and experience in your chosen field, you may expect to see a wide range of salaries.

What does a CDL driver do in Texas?

For on-time delivery or pick-up of goods, the commercial truck driver must get all the necessary paperwork together, prepare it, receive it, and supply it.

As a commercial truck driver, you must communicate with your dispatcher by radio or phone to ensure that your scheduled deliveries or pick-ups happen on time. Drivers are also involved in the loading and unloading of goods.

Additionally, commercial truck drivers must comply with federal and state standards by keeping detailed records of their trips and cargo.

Vehicle routine maintenance might fall under the purview of this position. To operate a truck, one must be licensed.

What are the requirements for a CDL driver in Texas?

 truck driver

“Good” driving history is a requirement. As a general rule, this person reports directly to a manager or higher up. They need a CDL-A license. An experienced commercial truck driver has or has achieved mastery in their field of expertise.

Moderate supervision is required. Commercial truck drivers usually have 1–3 years of similar experience before beginning their career.

How much do semi-trailer truck drivers make in Texas?

As of 2021, the median income for a Texas semi-trailer truck operator is $54,200. However, this ranges from $47,800 to $62,100. If you live in a metropolis with a large population, your salary will be affected by many different things.

Drivers of semi-trailer trucks ensure that items are delivered or picked up on schedule. It means completing the necessary paperwork, receiving it, and distributing it. They transport cargo to and from designated locations.

Truck drivers who operate semi-trucks must communicate with dispatchers through radio or telephone regularly to obtain orders for planned deliveries or pick-ups.

Cargo should be loaded safely, checked for accuracy, and then unloaded.

State requirements for Texas semi-trailer drivers

Furthermore, according to federal and state laws, semi-trailer truck drivers must keep logs of their travel and cargo. Vehicle tune-ups might fall under the purview of this position.

To operate a truck, one must be licensed. A “good” driving record is required, and this position is usually subordinate to a supervisor.

Becoming a semi-trailer truck driver enables one to master a particular area of expertise. Minimal supervision is required. Semi-trailer truck drivers typically have 1–3 years of similar experience before applying for this position.

What determines how much a truck driver earns in Texas?

Enroll in academy

In the trucking sector, experience is critical. Positions at the starting level pay much less, as with any other job. The best option is to enroll in a truck driving academy that assists students in finding work after graduation.

Some respected organizations pay highly for first-year drivers despite the substantial risk of hiring inexperienced truck drivers.

The cost of living in a location is not a factor in truck driving salaries, unlike in other professions. The wage depends more on the job you’re doing and the firm for which you work.

According to, truck drivers in Texas make a lot of money due to the precision driving and strong work ethic required for these professions.

As a result of the state’s landscape, local and state-wide truckers in West Virginia can expect to make a good living.

How do truck driver wages in Texas compare to other professions?

When compared to other professions in Texas, truck drivers make around the same salary. Typically, they make less money than airplane mechanics than delivery drivers.

What do top-earning truck drivers make?

Most owner-operator truck drivers are making between $100,100 and $244,550 per year, with the highest earners in Texas getting an average of $317,600, according to ZipRecruiter.

Owner-operator truck drivers make an average salary of $144,426 on the low end and as much as $144,426 on the high end, indicating that there are several prospects for promotion and higher income dependent on experience, location, and other factors.

The owner-operator truck driver job market in Texas appears to be sluggish, with only a few organizations now looking to hire. Texas ranks 42nd in the nation in terms of owner-operator truck driver wages.

Earnings in cities

Top employment sites regularly search their database of millions of active positions available locally across America to determine the most precise yearly salary spectrum for owner-operator truck driver positions.

How much do owner-operator truck drivers in Texas earn in each of the most lucrative cities?

Owner-operator truck drivers may expect to make more money than the average Texan in these three of the state’s largest cities.

Odessa is at the top of the list, followed closely by Dallas and Austin. Odessa adds $43,468 (26.0 percent) to Austin’s 21.2 percent lead over the Texas average of $167,478.

Unfortunately, Odessa’s job market for owner-operator truck driver positions is underperforming. Thus it may not be easy to get a job here.

As an owner-operator truck driver, moving to one of these cities and earning above the state average appears to be a great way to increase your income.

There is a minimal range of 11 percent between Odessa and McKinney in the average income of these top ten cities, indicating that there is only a little room for wage growth.

A lower cost of living is an essential consideration in deciding where to work and how much money to make as an owner-operator truck driver.

What are the top 10 paying cities for Texas owner-operator truck drivers?

El Paso, Dallas, and Fort Worth pay the best for truck driving jobs across Texas, according to Additionally, Austin, Houston, and Odessa are popular cities known for giving their drivers good salaries.

As a Texas truck driver, how may your earnings be improved?

Get certifications that enable you to handle a wider variety of items, and you’ll earn more money. Increasing your expertise and reputation as a professional truck driver might also help you make more money.

What are the essential abilities of a truck driver?

The following skills are necessary for a competent truck driver:

  • The ability to lift and move a large amount of weight
  • Long-term flexibility to remain in a driving posture
  • Great communication skills
  • Good customer service
  • Capable of doing basic mechanical tasks

The bottom line

You’ll never find a shortage of truck driving jobs in Texas. Every given day, there are thousands of listings.

If you’re looking for a lucrative career in the state that offers scope for growth, joining one of the many companies in urgent need of drivers will help jumpstart or boost your truck driving profession.