The 10 Best Education Systems In The World

Some of the best education systems in the world are seen in some of the most developed countries. Education success might be measured by the literacy percentage as well as by those in employment who work in their areas of study.

But educational system success can also be measured by the innovation-driven by a certain society.

All of the education systems listed below are quite different as they produce top-ranking professionals in different areas of study.

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10. Iceland

Iceland has a literacy rate of 99% which makes it the most educated country in the world. It comes as a surprise to many but this small island nation is one of the best in reading and comprehension skills.

This has led to a country of people who love to read. But Iceland residents also have one of the highest rates of writers in the world, which only confirms the success of their public education.

9. Singapore

Mathematics and sciences are the areas where Singapore outshines many other countries. It’s one of the countries that handle numbers better than others and this can be seen in its success in international testing.

Singaporeans are among those who score the highest in tests and it seems students here love to prepare for tests. Enrollment figures seem to be the problem in Singapore.

But once in school, students are destined to learn with the best.

8. China

China has a diverse educational system with a focus on sciences and engineering. It helps create some of the best machinery and transportation links in the world.

Employment opportunities in these areas are among the most comprehensive in the world and it’s no wonder Chinese pupils are interested in these areas.

Literature and the creative arts aren’t as popular at the moment in China and this could be an area of potential growth.

Public funding is also expected to rise in China making it the country with the highest potential of improved rankings even further.

7. Germany

Germany scores highly on student enrolment rates. It’s also one of the countries with the highest teacher-to-student ratios which means those who want to study can easily learn from the best.

Engineering, IT, automotive, and aerospace learning is at the highest level here. Financial and banking education is also strong in Germany.

6. Hong Kong

The semi-independent state of Hong Kong is a top state when it comes to student enrollment rates. It scores highly in tests and overall learning results. Mathematics and sciences are of high interest here.

There’s a growing interest in the fine arts in Hong Kong similar to neighboring China. The high customer satisfaction rate in the services industry in Hong Kong also indicates a strong learning capacity in this area.

5. Sweden

Sweden is one of the Northern countries with a different approach to learning. It can be considered a bit more relaxed compared to the education system in Singapore.

High literacy and high enrolment rates make Sweden an attractive learning destination.

Some of the best universities in the country are also free to enroll for students and this makes both undergraduate and graduates learning successful in Sweden.

4. Finland

Finland is one of the best states with a functional education system. It switches the tables by promoting highly educated teachers into the system above all other plans.

Primary school teachers in Finland are required to hold Masters’s degrees. Even preparing to become a teacher is difficult in Finland as these positions are increasingly popular.

Equal public funding for all schools makes the entire country a unitary system where it doesn’t matter which school children attend as all of them get the same opportunities from the government.

A focus on teamwork and small classrooms also make Finland a country where students get to interact with the teachers a bit more.

3. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has the oldest universities in the world. At the undergraduate level, the UK is not a top 3 country but things change when assessing university-level studying.

The country has thousands of universities. Both Oxford University and Cambridge University are found here.

Research funds and grants are some of the biggest in the world here. Research papers published by UK universities tend to attract the highest praise.

Students in college get access to student loans which allows them to study even without personal finances. Online and physical libraries here are some of the largest in the world and students can further their learning easily.

Personal research and self-determination tend to dominate post-graduate student life in the UK, which also leads to impressive results later on in life and their careers.

2. United States

The United States is also a country of contrasts when it comes to education. At primary school and in high school learning, its students aren’t among the best.

But leading universities change the impact the US has on the entire world. Learning at the highest level in the US is not free, as in the UK.

But the US has 3 universities in the world’s top 5. California Institute of Technology, Stanford, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology join the University of Cambridge and Oxford University in the top 5 universities in the world.

The US also dominates positions 5 to 10 with 4 universities that rank highest in the world.

1. Japan

The number of passing students in primary and secondary schools puts Japan on top of the list. With strong results in mathematics and sciences, students in Japan tend not to fall behind as in other countries.

Employment opportunities remain high in the country and most students tend to find their way into employment or further studies at the University of Tokyo, Osaka University, and other higher education institutions with a high number of enrolled students throughout the country.

The teachers to students ratio is also favorable to Japan and eventually to all students who enroll in a studying program at the pre-university or university level.

Students with ages up to 14 tend to score the best results in Japan.