The 10 Best Foods In The World

The best foods in the world are now consumed outside the countries they were invented in. Take hamburgers as an example.

They are now consumed across the world and with vegan burgers on the rise, it seems this type of food is not going to fade away. Here are the best foods in the world you can taste almost on every continent.

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10. Tacos

Tacos come from Mexico. They are a type of tortilla wrap with grilled meat, vegetables, and sauces. But today, tacos are much more than that.

We’ve seen mini tacos which are one-bite only. We’ve also seen high-end deconstructed tacos served at some of the most expensive restaurants in the world. The versatility tacos bring to the world is impressive.

9. Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the few modern foods that took off. Corn comes from the United States and wasn’t even known to Europeans until they discovered America. But soon after that, popcorn became a delicious food that was also inexpensive and this is why it became popular.

Corn is fried until it bursts to become popcorn. Added salt and butter makes this the perfect snack that is now served in almost every cinema around the world.

8. Shish kebab

If you like grilled meat, you need to try out shish kebabs. This delicious food is made using lamb but it has evolved into beef as an alternative.

With grilled lamb, tomatoes, and onion, shish kebab managed to create one of the best foods that have ever left the Middle East and that is now served with rice or bulgur around the world.

7. Donuts

Simple fried dough is used to create one of the best foods on the planet. Donuts have been popularized by Americans who also added a million toppings to them.

Big fans of sweet and salty foods, Americans found creative ways to make donuts taste even better. While not the healthiest food on the list, donuts offer a lot for a very low production cost.

6. Ice cream

There are now millions of types of ice cream. This little frozen dessert has also been created, recreated, and reinvented.

We’ve seen ice cream served in different styles in high-end restaurants. But it remains the quintessential street food you can buy on every corner during the summer. We think ice cream has a special appeal to people of all ages.

5. Hamburger

The classic burger with bread, salad, and onions are hard to match. It sells in millions every day and there are entire restaurant chains that only serve burgers. We think a good burger might be the best option for those who need to kill off hunger.

Today, businesses such as McDonald’s or Burger King are known for their impact in the burger world. With better beef, you might even find burgers are evolving into something a bit better than you might buy for a couple of dollars at a fast food place.

4. Chocolate

Joseph Fry was the first man to ever create chocolate. He poured melted cocoa in butter and created a delicious treat which went on to become a global phenomenon.

England was one of the first countries to register chocolate-making manufacturers and today, we find it in almost all shapes and sizes across the world.

3. Massaman curry

Massaman curry originates in Thailand. It combines curry (a mix of spices), cinnamon, star anise, cloves, peppers, coriander, and other ingredients with shrimp or chicken.

Curry dishes have exploded in popularity and you can now serve them in almost every large city around the world. Curry is also served with side dishes such as white long rice. You might want to try it out yourself if you like spicy food.

2. Pasta

Pasta is one of the Italian legacies in the world. Its origins are inexact. Someplace it 2000 years ago when it was first described by historians as sheets of dough. But it has also been made through the world in different forms such as couscous.

What we know is that pasta originates in the Mediterranean where the traditional trading routes might have made it popular and an international sensation. Later on, dried pasta was seen as the best food for easy storage, especially for the winter months.

It was only in the 17th century that we have evidence of machines making pasta in Naples, Italy. But these machines were probably a poor industrialization attempt as the pasta was already made at home for hundreds of years.

Today, pasta is served with sauce and with virtually any other ingredients. You can have it with cheese, meat, fish, vegetables, and even with fruits. Pasta is also an inexpensive food and this might have been another reason why it took off around the world.

1. Pizza

Naples impacted the way we eat today more than you know it. Around the same period of the 17th century, Naples was experimenting with the creation of the first pizzas. Historians believe pizza comes from focaccia bread which is also flat with topping.

But it was the addition of the tomato paste on the flatbread that eventually created a pizza as we know it. Today, you only need flour, water, tomato sauce, and some ingredients to make pizza as long as you have an oven. Best served fresh, pizza impacts our daily lives both in the fast-food world and in the restaurant world.

Pizza is seen as the type of street food you can pick up on your way to work. It’s also food you order in fine dining restaurants. With a growing number of new pizzas being invented every day, it’s unlikely to ever see something better.

If you love pizza and how it’s made, you can also experiment with other similar foods from other cultures. For example, Turks have Lahmacun, which is very similar to pizza except for its irregular shape. There are many dishes you can create starting from the simple flatbread recipe of the pizza.