What Is The Smallest River In The World?

Tamborasi River in Indonesia is the shortest river in the world. This river has a length of just 20m. It’s widest point measures 15m. The clear waters of the river, as well as its spectacular surroundings, make it a popular tourist destination.

Tamborasi River characteristics

With a length of just a few feet, the river is the shorted in the world. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything worth seeing as a traveler to Indonesia. The waters of this river are known for their green nuance. It’s yet unclear while it appears green from the outside. But its surrounding bushes might explain it to an extent. Shaded by the sun until noon by rock formations, the river can be quite chilly in the morning. You might only be comfortable entering its waters in the afternoon.

There are plenty of small boats to hire here where the weather is good. You can take a short 30-minute trip up and down the river to take photos.

One of the main attractions of this river is its actual width. It’s almost as wide as it is long. This is the sole reason this river resembles a lake more than a river. If you’ve never seen short rivers, chances are you’re going to confuse it with a lake as well.

Bathing options are available here. You can even sunbathe as the river empties in the Flores Sea. This is why you get different water temperatures from noon onwards if you decide to go for a dip. The waters upriver are generally cool. But those at the beach at the Flores Sea tend to be warmer since the water level is quite shallow as well.

If you have time to spend a day here, you can also continue your boat ride along the Flores Seashore where the waters still appear green. The entire area is starting to get attention from tourists, mainly due to the river.

How to get to the Tombarasi River

Getting to the world’s shortest river is not easy. Its remote Indonesian location makes it a location that is almost always off the map of Indonesian circuits. The nearest city is hundreds of miles away. It can take more than 5 hours to travel from Kendari City to the Tamborasi River. This is if you rent a car. If you try public transport, you can expect to travel at least 7 hours from the city to the river. The simplest choice is to rent a car.

You can find such services at the Halueleo Aiport in Kendari City. Renting a car hire is not expensive and if you want to see this wonder of nature, taking at least 2 days to travel from the city is required. The good news is you can tie your trip with sunbathing and fun at the beach activities for singles, couples, or families, and renting out a traditional wooden boat isn’t too expensive here either. But you need to ensure you travel during the tourist season to find the boats there.