Why Are MacBooks So Expensive in India?

With over 28 million MacBooks sold in 2021 alone, Apple’s leading laptop range remains very popular around the world, especially in countries like the U.S. and India.

Since the first MacBook was released in 2006, these innovative Apple computers have consistently made bestseller lists and are rated highly for performance and ingenuity.

Apple may be based in the U.S., but the tech company sells computers in many countries with a particularly high demand for MacBooks in India.

However, MacBooks are more expensive in India than in the U.S. due to higher component costs, import duty, and offshore manufacturing.

Continue reading to learn more about Apple MacBooks and why they are so expensive in India.

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What are MacBooks?

MacBook notebook computers are part of the Macintosh family of personal laptop computers, which are developed and manufactured by Apple.

As the most successful and profitable company worldwide, Apple consistently generates billions of dollars in annual revenue, with much of it coming from MacBooks and iPhones.

profitable company

As of 2022, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are the two models available worldwide. There was a line under just the “MacBook” name, which was made from 2006–2012 and again from 2015–2019, however only used versions of these computers are offered now.

MacBooks are known for their large screens and sophisticated operating systems that pair easily with iPhones and iPads, making them a popular choice for both individuals and offices, schools, and other businesses across India and beyond.

How much are MacBooks in India?

The price of Apple computers in India depends on different MacBook models, including which generation it is as well as the memory and processing speed.

Newer MacBook Pros made in 2020 start around ₹110,490, which is around $1,400 USD.

For 2020 MacBook Air computers, which are lighter and slightly less expensive than the Pro models, the average price in India is around ₹92,990, which works out to be about $1,200 USD.

Newer MacBooks from 2021 and 2022 are more expensive in India, although the costs fluctuate over time as newer models are released with upgraded features.

What is the most expensive MacBook Pro in India?

One of the main perks of buying Apple MacBooks is the reliable performance, and many people in India and around the world await the latest and greatest MacBook Pros with new upgrades released each year.

MacBook Pro

This includes the Apple MacBook Pro MR942HN/A with an 8th Gen Intel Core Ci7 processor. This high-performance laptop comes in 13 or 16-inch sizes and has an expensive price tag of around ₹232,000, which is over $3,000 USD.

Buying that same laptop in the U.S. would cost around $1,200-$2,000 USD, depending on which version it is.

This is just one example of how Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro computers are more expensive in India than in the U.S. thanks to the exchange rate and higher prices overall.

Why are MacBooks cheaper in the U.S. than in India?

American shoppers generally pay less for MacBooks than customers in Indian cities, and import duty costs are a big reason why.

Because Apple is based in the U.S., it’s cheaper for the company to make, source, and sell MacBooks and other products across America.

In India and other countries, the cost of MacBooks depends on the import duty, which is a tax charged on imported goods, usually around 12%.

The parts needed to make new MacBook Pro computers are expensive, which raises the import duty and the retail price as a result.

It’s the same for iPhone 13 models, which cost more in India compared to the U.S. as import duty and shipping costs are passed on to the retail price.

Another consideration is India’s policy on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which states that companies must locally source 30% of parts if they want to open manufacturing facilities in India.

Apple can get components much cheaper in other countries, with a total of 28 nations represented in its current supplier network, so they opt to import millions of products instead.

Are MacBooks made in India?

Apple MacBook

The main reason why Apple MacBooks are more expensive in India is that these devices aren’t manufactured there.

The majority of the company’s manufacturing operations are based in China, although some computers, specifically the Mac Pro, are made in the U.S.

With tariffs on imported goods in India and elsewhere, Apple has discussed plans for expanding manufacturing throughout Asia.

While these plans have yet to move forward, if Apple does begin manufacturing MacBooks and iPhones in India within the next few years, then the cost of MacBooks is likely to go down to reflect the lower import duty.

Even though Mac computers are not currently made in India, they are available all throughout the country, as students, professionals, and businesses often prefer these devices with high-tech components and optimal compatibility.

Are MacBooks expensive in other countries?

Apple MacBook japan

India isn’t the only country with more expensive Apple MacBooks compared to America. Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and Canada all have similarly expensive Mac products in shopping malls and Apple stores.

Upgrading to a MacBook with extra storage and processing capacity is also more expensive in countries like India.

This is due not only to the import tax, but also the recent depreciation of the Indian rupee compared to the U.S. dollar.

It’s a similar story for other country’s currencies, which is one reason why international visitors to the U.S. often stock up on Apple products during a visit.

Where to buy MacBooks in India?

Even though MacBooks are more expensive in India than in the U.S., there is still a high demand for these tech products.

Instead of official Apple stores, the company distributes MacBooks and iPhones at a wide range of retailers.

IndiaiStore, iTech Store, and InventStore are just a few options for people to buy MacBooks and other Apple devices throughout India.

Apple is joined by many more American tech and retail companies who avoid opening stores and manufacturing facilities in India due to the significant costs.

Can you buy MacBooks online in India?

buy online

In addition to brick-and-mortar tech stores selling Apple products in India, there are also online third-party retailers where Indian residents can purchase MacBooks online.

Also, in 2021, Apple was permitted to open and operate an online store in India, which led to three times greater Mac sales than in previous years.

This means there is an official Apple website in India for the complete product range including MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads, plus full tech support in both English and Hindi.

Are there taxes on MacBooks in India?

Another thing to know about buying MacBooks and other Apple products in India is the hefty tax applied to tech products.

Value-added tax (VAT) is often higher than 10% on computers and iPhone accessories, and this tax goes to India’s central government.

Then, there are state taxes that vary across different regions, so Apple and competing tech brands need to take these taxes into account when importing and selling goods in India.

 official Apple online store

The official Apple online store and partner retailers price MacBooks and iPhones according to import duty and taxes, so overall, you can expect a higher price tag when purchasing a new MacBook Air or Pro computer in India.