The 10 Best Nude Beaches in Florida

The best nude beaches in Florida are also some of the best in the world. The sunshine state offers a range of beaches and resorts which allow you to strip down and soak up the sun as much as you want. There is a difference in what these beaches have to offer. The following beaches have been selected based on their offerings.

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10. Playalinda Beach

Image: Wikimedia / Michael Slaten

In theory, public nudity is banned in Florida. But things are a bit different at Playalinda Beach. This beach is on federal land. Most of the federal laws aren’t put into practice here and this is how it came to become a major destination for nude beach fans.

This 4-mile stretch of sand isn’t packed with amnesties. However, there are restrooms here. The only inconvenience is that there aren’t any shower facilities to clean up before leaving the beach.

9. Hobe Sound

Image: Flickr / Jared

Hobe Sound is not an official nude beach. However, if you are discreet here, nobody will ask you to put clothes on. You have to be discreet given the number of rich people living in the area. Most of those on the beach are residents. But you don’t have to pay an entry fee to get on the beach. The best part is that the place is surrounded by high rock formations which improve privacy a bit.

8. Boca Chica Beach

Image: Wikimedia /

Boca Chica Beach is situated on the Key West, a recognized spot for revelers. There’s plenty of privacy for the firs-time nudist here as well. This is mainly due to the remoteness of the location. You need to take a ferry to get there. But the best part is that the water here is crystal-clear and among nudists, it attracts a few snorkeling fans each day.

7. Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie is another popular nudist beach in Florida. As with most such beaches in the state, nudity isn’t legally permitted here. However, locals already know the area to be one exclusive to nudists. It might help if you exercise decency and if you value the privacy of others if you want the beach to stay the same for years to come.

6. South Beach Miami

South Beach Miami is the place to go wild and party like its spring break. Full nudity is rare here but topless sunbathing is possible. It’s possible to see full nude sunbathers as the place always attracts large crowds. The best part is that the beach is right in the middle of the action and you can continue your party late into the night.

5. Cypress Cove Nude Resort

Not all nude beaches in Florida are open public. The Cypress Cove Nude Resort is a top location if you want to be fully naked but not bothered by those around you. People who visit the resort always recall how respectful others are there to their nudity. Albeit there’s no ocean here, the place is worth a visit. You can sunbathe next to a lake and the range of nude activities you can indulge in is a bit more diverse.

4. Bunche Beach Preserve

This place is one of the best one-day attractions in Fort Meyers. It allows you to undress completely and to enjoy a day at the beach. But natural attractions and sports are also popular at the location. You will see the occasional nude kayaker here as well. If you like wildlife and nude swimming, it might be worth checking out. Shopping options in the area aren’t bad either if you want to get the best sunscreen.

3. Apollo Beach

Image: Wikimedia / Ebyabe

The Apollo Beach is close to Playalinda but it benefits from being known as less populous. Fewer nudists come here, even if the beach looks good. The main difference to Playalinda is that you have to walk more here to get to the parking lot. At the same time, you need to bring food and water with you as there’s nowhere to get them close-by.

The beach is also in the gray area when it comes to its legality. There’s no law enforcement here and abiding by common sense helps. However, locals are known at the beach the most, and nude fans who don’t like the crowds at Playalinda usually walk a bit more to get to the Apollo Beach instead.

2. Blind Creek Beach

Blind Creek is an official nudity-friendly beach. It now attracts tourists from around the state. Its pristine white sand makes it also look very beautiful. However, the beach doesn’t have the class of Fort Lauderdale or other similar high-class beaches. Still, since its situated on Florida’s Treasure Coast, you can’t overlook it for clothing-optional sunbathing.

While most of those at the beach are nude, Blind Creek is a family place. If you like your kids to get familiar with nude sunbathing, this might be the place to visit as well. If you decide to come with your family, you need to know pets aren’t allowed at Blind Creek.

1. Haulover Beach

Image: Flickr / osseous

Haulover Beach has it all. Naturists from all over the country come here as there’s plenty to do. There’s even a designated picnic area for you to relax in and enjoy your breakfast or lunch. The beach is very crowded but its Northern part is known as the part where you go if you’re like to sunbathe without clothes.

Activities and options to spend your time under the sun seem endless at the beach. You can raise a kite here or you can even rent a bike to cycle around. A skate park is also found in its proximity so visitors of all ages can feel entertained.

But most importantly, the beach feels taken care of in terms of safety as well. Unlike most other nude beaches in Florida, Haulover has its lifeguards on duty. This makes it a top spot if you’re traveling with kids as it never hurts to have a few more eyes on your children when around water.