The 10 Best Universities In Africa

Some of the best universities in Africa are also some of the oldest in the world. They now offer places for international students and many of them benefit from international staff learning as well. Many of them are teaching classes online during the pandemic. But they do offer large campuses where students can also learn in person. Here the 10 best universities on the continent.

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10. Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Image: Wikimedia / Ninaras

Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia is the 10th best on the continent. It’s ranked 553rd in the world. Social sciences are strongly rated here. But the best results in international ranking a university comes from its health and medicine studies. With a crucial role in a country such as Ethiopia, health studies play a strategic role here.

9. Mansoura University, Egypt

Image: Wikimedia / Agrfac

Located in Egypt, Mansoura University is one of the most important on the continent. It also ranks around the 500th spot globally. The university has good results in pharmacology and toxicology. Other strong areas of study include engineering and chemistry. The research made here in the health medicine department has been situated a bit better in the university’s global ranking around the 200th spot.

8. University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Image: Wikimedia / Omoeko Media

Social sciences, environmental studies, and health studies are those with the best results at the University of Ibadan. Public studies such as those in administration are among the best here in Nigeria. Given the role of economic development and the need for improvement in the country, the university can teach the following politicians and local authorities staff about the role of proper public administration.

7. University of Pretoria, South Africa

Image: Wikimedia / Mike-Prins

Most universities on the list come from South Africa. The University of Pretoria has more than 30.000 students and it is the first African University to be seen on our list as part of the best 500 in the world. It has more than 2.000 international students and more than 1.000 international staff members. Doctoral student numbers are still low here with only 190 research candidates. Energy studies as well as BAs in arts and humanities are the highest performing at this university.

6. Cairo University, Egypt

Image: Wikimedia / Faris knight

Cairo University has more than 200.000 students. It also impresses with the high number of doctoral students. Over 1.400 students are enrolled in Ph.D. studies here. Clinical medicine results are the best here. Pharmacology studies are also ranked among the world’s 100 best.

5. University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Image: Wikimedia / Aurobindo Ogra

Johannesburg university has more than 30.000 enrolled students. Over 300 doctoral students are found here every academic year. Physics and chemistry are the most successful areas of study at South African University. You can study here if you want to learn more about materials and follow a career in production or manufacturing. Chemistry is also part of the production world and it can be a high-results area of study if you want to work in a lab, in a factory, or other production facilities.

4. University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Image: Wikimedia / QuintenLetcher

Over 30.000 students enroll here every year. The number of international students is 1.000, which makes it one of the places with some interest especially for those interested in health studies. Space science has the best research results at this university. But given the current pandemic, you might also want to learn more about infectious diseases here as the University of KwaZulu Natal is the 61st in this area of study in the world with the best results from all of his faculties.

3. University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

Image: Wikimedia / Samuella99

Immunology and infectious diseases also lead to the results at the University of Witwatersrand. If you want to be an expert on viruses, how they affect public and personal health, and what can be done to control them and you live in Africa, Stellenbosch University is going to be one of the top 3 priorities for you. The university is a bit short on staff members so you need to be able to motivate yourself with learning a bit more.

Agricultural studies are also enjoying good results by international standards at the University of Witwatersrand. This university plays a crucial role as South Africa is rushing to recover the distance it has from the developed world. This distance has already been recovered in areas such as large-scale sports events but in terms of agriculture, the country can still do a lot better.

2. Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Image: Wikimedia / Dfmalan

Nearly 30.000 students are enrolled at Stellenbosch University. Infectious diseases study is ranked 21st in the world and the second-best in Africa here. If you plan to be a doctor to deal with the pressing health issues Africans have to deal with every day, you will be applying to this university.

Microbiology also has solid results here. It’s the area of interest for many of those interested in bacteria, viruses, and other living organisms and how they work together. But the university also offers rare studies such as those in geosciences, space science, and neuroscience.

1. University of Cape Town, South Africa

Image: Wikimedia / Adrian Frith

The best university in Africa is the University of Cape Town. Infectious diseases, social sciences, and physics are areas with top results here. There are only 20.000 students at this university which means it’s not the largest in Africa but it can be advantageous to students who want to enjoy more one-on-one time with their tutors. There are nearly 2.000 academic staff members here.

Over 400 Ph.D. students are currently enrolled at the University of Cape Town. This is a crucial element when it comes to driving innovation and there’s always room for more. The university also has nearly 4.000 international students. It makes it the most attractive African university for those coming from abroad. Excellent living conditions, quick transport, and access to leisure activities in Cape Town make this university just as good as any respectable university in the West. If you dream of becoming an astronaut, your only true African options are also found right here at the University of Cape Town.