Why Do Ayo and Teo Wear Masks?

With the rise of social media, we have seen a surge in the popularity of content creators. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter have made it easy for these content creators to rise to fame.

Ayo and Teo are a popular duo that got their rise to fame through dance choreography, making music, and appearing in music videos.

While their dancing and music careers help boost them to popularity, their unique look left fans with many questions.

In an interview, Ayo and Teo said they wear masks as a way to protect themselves on stage and hide their facial expressions when dancing.

They say the masks are now a part of their identity and they frequently wear a mask in public and during interviews.

Do Ayo and Teo wear masks to hide from the public?

Wear Masks

There are many reasons this popular duo wears a mask, but none of them are to hide from the public. The first reason is to hide the funny looks they make while performing.

When dancing on stage, they would often make silly facial expressions that they said they didn’t particularly like.

This happened as they focused intently on their dance routines. To hide these expressions, they started wearing a mask.

When a fan asked Ayo and Teo why they make weird expressions when dancing, they responded by wearing masks.

Since then, wearing a mask for fashion has risen in popularity. The duo claims to be the main influencers behind this trend, and I think many people would agree.

According to Ayo, “We kept on getting video feedback like ‘your face features are too funny’.”

He basically “ordered a bundle of face masks online and that kicked off a new trend” to solve the issue.

Are Ayo and Teo Related?

Ayo’s real name is Ayleo Bowles and Teo’s real name is Mateo Bowles. They are in fact brothers, with Ayleo being the older of the two.

Ayo and Teo

Tyler is 25 years old and Mateo is 22 years old.

Many fans were curious if they were related or if they just happened to be close friends. People also assumed they were twins because of their similarity in looks but that is not the case.

What is Ayo and Teo’s Net Worth?

It is very common for fans to be interested in the net worth of some of their favorite celebrities.

The brothers have a combined net worth of $2 million. While this might not seem like a lot compared to other celebrities, it is very impressive when you think about where they came from.

How did Ayo and Teo Become Popular?

Ayo and Teo have been dancing since they were in elementary school, often performing for classmates and friends.

They decided to start making dancing videos together and uploading these videos online.

Within two years, the duo quickly rose to fame. As they continued to grow in popularity, they started appearing in rap music videos such as “No Limit” by Usher.

They also released their first hit song “Rolex” in 2017.

Lil Yachty

The duo has worked with many popular artists, such as Chris Brown, Usher, and Lil Yachty. These collaborations helped them grow their brand and become more globally recognized.

They amassed over 6.3 million subscribers on YouTube with over 1.5 billion views. Ayo and Teo continue to look for ways to expand their brands.

What are Ayo and Teo Doing Now?

Ayo and Teo have been very active in trying to grow their brand. They have been trying to diversify by doing music, making merch, dancing, and anything else that can boost their popularity.

While dancing will always be their passion, they don’t see it as a sustainable source of revenue in the long term.

Dance Videos

Dancing videos helped boost Ayo and Teo to fame and they continue to make them to this day.

With over 6.3 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views, you can be certain they have made a lot of money from their YouTube channel.

While they don’t receive as many views as they once did, they still get a decent number of views.



Releasing your merch isn’t uncommon for influencers trying to earn some extra cash. Ayo and Teo have a brand that makes everything from hoodies and t-shirts to masks.

This has been a great source of income for the duo and the goal is to continue expanding their brand.


The duo hasn’t been in any movies or TV shows, but they promised fans they would see them in movies soon.

However, they have appeared in numerous music videos by popular artists. Ayo and Teo are very ambitious and usually surprise fans with different projects.


Their first hit single “Rolex” was released in 2017 and became a viral sensation. It peaked at number 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Millions of people not only listened to this song but created their dances for it. This was their first major release and it proved to be an instant success.

Ayo and Teo have gone on to release more songs, but none have had the success of “Rolex”. Newer songs released by them usually average around 100k views on Youtube, though this is still a great figure.

Youtube views


You can book Ayo and Teo to perform at an event. They have performed at schools, private events, music videos, and much more.

There is a website to book the duo, but it does come at a cost. This cost isn’t disclosed but it does vary based on the type of event and performance.

This has been a great source of income for Ayo and Teo.

Where Do Ayo and Teo Live?

Ayo and Teo are originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan but currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia. They moved to Atlanta to further pursue a dancing and rap career.

This decision has proved to be beneficial for their careers. Living in Atlanta presents the duo with far more opportunities since Atlanta is a bigger city.

Atlanta has many popular rappers, such as Lil Baby and Young Thug. It also has great directors such as Tyler Perry, so it is much easier for them to form new connections and new gigs.

Ayo and Teo’s Sense of Fashion

In early 2018, they appeared for Philipp Plein as well as Converse and developed a new superstar collection for Fanstereo.

Philipp Plein

That was all because of their catchy tribute to the high-end timepiece (which accompanied their cameo in Usher’s “No Limit” video which stole the show).

As evidenced by their vibrant harlequin style, Ayo & Teo have a good handle on how to look good while having fun.

No doubt that their shared sense of style grew out of need. In Ayo’s words, “Dance impacts what we wear, but we’re always crazy.”

Their Footwear

A good pair of sneakers is essential for the brothers’ acrobatic footwork if you want to look good while doing it.

The hard-toe base and ample ankle protection of the style make retro Jordans one through 17 their go-to kicks.

Being professional dancers, they must wear clothing on which they can sweat, therefore they lean on unique elements to make their ensembles stand out.

Ayo & Teo’s Passion For Bling

Two Rolexes stand out in their huge accessory collection. Teo’s is conventional yellow gold, while Ayo’s features sterling silver containing 17 as well as 16-carat bust-down diamonds.


Featuring their gold chokers as well as key chains hanging from their pants’ leg loopholes, these two brothers are known for their unique fashion insight.

In addition to their distinctive masks, they are well-known for their embossed face paints, which feature everything from camouflage patterns to cartoon animal snouts.

What was Ayo and Teo’s Upbringing Like?

While the brothers didn’t grow up in a poor household, they lived paycheck to paycheck. They never received any dance lessons from professionals, but instead, taught themselves all their dance moves.

Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and the Les twins were some of their early influences that inspired them to start dancing.

After completing high school, Ayo attended Washtenaw Community College.

He also worked different construction jobs to help his family pay the bills. During a talent show at college, Ayo brought his younger brother along to perform with him.

Luckily, they decided to record their performance and post it on Youtube.

Their Persistence

This performance didn’t gain much traction online, but it gave the pair enough confidence to start pursuing a dancing career.

dancing career

They would go on to perform for various artists and celebrities and even host their events.

During an interview, Ayo said, “A lot of people don’t make it out unless it’s for sports”.

He was referring to people not being able to leave the city unless they played sports. Their mindset was to gain enough fame to support their family and provide them with a better living situation than the one they had growing up.

What Inspired Ayo and Teo’s Song “Rolex”?

After shopping around at a local mall, the duo decided to browse a local Rolex store. Their manager advised them to save their money and maybe buy it in the future.

This inspired them to create their hit song “Rolex.”

In the song they said “I just want a Rolly Rolly”, referring to their desire to buy a Rolex. The hashtag “Rolex Challenge” was created and fans quickly created their dance moves to the song.

The official music video garnered over 950 million views on YouTube and almost 10 million likes.

Due to the success of the song, Ayo and Teo were flooded with new opportunities, sponsorships, and gigs.

They were able to buy the Rolex they wanted, which the duo said made them feel accomplished.

Ayo and Teo’s Merchandize

Loewe shirt

As an example, Teo cites his purchase of a Loewe shirt with black fabric wings on the sleeves as evidence of his penchant for the bizarre.

“There were a lot of stares, but that didn’t bother me at all.”

“In the past, when I needed a shirt for the next day’s school, I’d run out to Walmart, buy some needles, then hand stitch throughout the day and night.” Look no farther than Ayo & Teo’s retail line, which launched in October, to get a fuller idea of their distinctive style.

White tees with the “reverse gang” emblem (a nod to their skill to rewind every dance routine) plus brown bear, panda face, as well as dragon eye masks, allow you to stunt much like the amazing dancing duo – but don’t expect the Rolex.