The 10 Best Korean Restaurants in Düsseldorf

If you’re visiting Düsseldorf, you can sample international foods from hundreds of restaurants, and the best Korean restaurants in Düsseldorf serve all types of dishes suitable for all budgets. From student-friendly eateries to full-luxury Korean restaurants, the following locations are some of the best.

1. Bibimcup

Image: Bibimcup

Address: Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 3, Düsseldorf

The food and the wine at Bibimcup are well-known in this city, and for good reason. Their Kimchi Udon and Korean beef dishes are considerably above average, and their Dolsot Bulgogi is delicious every time. Most importantly, customers appreciate that the portions are larger than other Korean restaurants in the area.

This restaurant is known for its large menu, and although vegan Korean food is not easy to find, there are plenty of tasty options to choose from at Bibimcup if you don’t eat meat.

2. Pozangmatcha

Image: Facebook / POZANGMATCHA 포장마차

Address: Oststr. 139, Düsseldorf

This small restaurant has a pub-like atmosphere where you can enjoy a good beer with your meal. As soon as you come in, you’ll be greeted by the tantalizing scent of hot pepper and garlic paste.

Stir-fried squid and chicken wings are two dishes you have to try at this atmospheric restaurant, where the décor is urban-inspired and a bit different from the classic Korean restaurant setup.

3. Han Kook Kwan

Image: Facebook / Han Kook Kwan

Address: Bismarckstr. 66, Düsseldorf

This restaurant is the place to visit if you’re into traditional Korean food. It prides itself on a large selection of sides, and you can sample Korean food that tastes just as good as it does in Seoul. A nice bonus here is that its prices are slightly below the average in the city.

Seafood pancakes, japchae, and Korean fried chicken are all popular at Han Kook Kwan, and there is even a dumpling soup made with traditional dumpling recipes for you to enjoy. The prices at Han Kook Kwan are average for Düsseldorf.

4. Yoonsim

Image: Yoonsim

Address: Bismarckstrasse 83, Düsseldorf

This restaurant is known for its friendly, helpful staff. If you haven’t tried Korean food before, Yoonism is a great choice to immerse yourself in the cuisine for the first time. The presentation is also considerably above the competition.

This place has the do-it-yourself authenticity of traditional Korean restaurants, as each table has its own grill so that you can cook your food to your liking. Apart from the tasty beef barbeque, you can order rice, salads, and vegetable sides.

5. Namu Café

Image: Facebook / Namu Cafe

Address: Oststrasse 124, Düsseldorf

Not everything is about Korean appetizers. If you have a sweet tooth, you can visit Namu for a few Korean desserts. Bingsu, a dessert with ice cream, is very popular here. If you’re also hungry, you can order a Korean sandwich to go from Namu for a reasonable price.

One of the favorite breakfast choices at Namu is the sweet honey toast served with thick whipped cream. Together with a large cup of coffee, it can offer just the kick of energy you need early in the day. Namu is known for its friendly atmosphere and its coffee shop name is true to its design. It’s not the place to go for dinner, but rather to enjoy a friendly Korean café with plenty of tasty treats and a good cup of coffee.

6. Yogi

Image: Facebook / YoGi

Address: Gurpellostrasse 5, Düsseldorf

Despite being a small restaurant, Yogi always serves fresh, delicious food. While it’s not always easy to find a free table, it’s a great place for a romantic night out with a partner. Its prices aren’t the most expensive either, which means you can come back for more whenever you want some great food.

This popular restaurant is known for its tasty Kimchi pancakes and dumplings. Seafood with noodles is also popular at Yogi, but you should expect this dish to be very spicy. Rare rice wine is also found here and it can be a nice change from traditional grape wine if you’re looking for something different.

7. Seoul

Image: Facebook / Restaurant Seoul Düsseldorf

Address: Klosterstr 45, Düsseldorf

Seoul is Düsseldorf’s Korean restaurant with a European twist. Its meals include woks, fried rice, popular Korean barbeque, and multiple side dishes. The restaurant is spacious and affordable, highly suitable for group gatherings or family nights out.

Highly popular among the Korean community, the restaurant is known for its large portions and friendly staff. If you can overlook the slightly outdated décor, you can taste some of the best foods the city has to offer. Bulgogi or the famous Korean banchan are very popular here and you’ll see them on almost every table in the evening.

8. Nagomi

Image: Facebook / Nagomi

Address: Bismarck. 53, Düsseldorf

This restaurant specializes in upscale Korean and Japanese food. It’s known for its delicious appetizers and its vegan-friendly meal choices.

Sushi, sake, and sashimi are also popular here, and the always-fresh tuna has patrons returning time and time again. An affordable restaurant, Nagomi also has a friendly atmosphere with an open kitchen design.

9. Korea

Image: Restaurant Korea

Address: Bismarck 51, Düsseldorf

This upscale Korean restaurant is a favorite for local professionals and businessmen. It underwent renovations and now features an excellent wine cellar that really amps up the overall experience.

The wide variety of meals offered in Korea is why most locals come back for. Each barbeque is served with multiple sides, and all meals are considered large by frequent customers. On weekends it gets very busy, and you should only visit if you have a reservation. As it is a large restaurant, serving times might be a bit longer than with other Korean restaurants in the city.

10. Gusan

Image: Facebook / Gusan

Address: Stresemann 31, Düsseldorf

This traditional Korean restaurant is a top choice for locals and families. The food variety is above average, and the place is known for its high-quality soups and delicious stews.

If you’re interested in classic Korean dishes, the restaurant is one of the top-recommend by Düsseldorf locals. It features an open-style kitchen that allows you to see what’s going on with your food. But be warned: the food here is known to be mildly spicy.