What Is The Most Dangerous River In The World?

Rio Tinto is the most dangerous river in the world. We see a lot of dangerous rivers around the world. Some are known as homes for crocodiles while others are known for their impressive depths which can sometimes drag in even the best swimmers.

This is why Rio Tinto is the most dangerous river in the world

The name Tinto roughly translates as inked or tainted. This comes from the vivid red color of the river. No matter the day of the year, Spain’s Rio Tinto looks like red blood. This is due to its high heavy metal content.

Local mining of over 5.000 years is responsible for its color and dangerous waters. Miners here have been looking for gold for hundreds of years. Copper and silver are also abundant in the area. As a result, this river is known for its high acidity and the metals of its waters.

Is there any fish in Rio Tinto?

There’s no fish in the river. No species of fish can survive in such polluted waters. Only a few microorganisms can live here. It goes without saying that if fish can’t live here, you can drink its water either.

If you are camping near the river, you should do your best to stay out of its waters. Its heavy metal concentrations are a health hazard. Water from Rio Tinto isn’t drinkable even if it’s boiled. But you should also avoid its waters if you have an open wound as it can get easily infected by the rusty metal particles in the water.

What can we learn from Rio Tinto?

It’s not all bad news when it comes to Rio Tinto. Almost every week see scientists traveling up and down the Andalusian river to get their questions answered. Basically, scientists believe the living microorganism of Rio Tinto can unlock the door to finding life on new planets.

Iron and sulfide minerals are actually food for these unusual bacteria. But these elements have also been found on the moon and on other plants. This is why the river can hold very specific answers as to how the bacteria lives, the time it feeds, its expected life, as well as its reactions to changing conditions.

Heavy metals from the mines around the area

Rio Tinto is controversial by its nature. Locals believe its waters are contaminated by the mines around the area. But some scientists believe its waters have been contaminated long before mining even began in the area.

You can also visit the river yourself to see how heavy metals can turn water into a bright orange-red color that almost haunts some tourists. With a total length of over 100km, you can see this water almost anywhere alongside Andalusia. If you’re traveling to the Gulf of Cadiz, you can also see these red waters flowing into the sea. Most of them will kill any fish found in the immediate vicinity. High amounts of iron and manganese have been reported in this gulf as coming from Rio Tinto.